What is considered a good hub score? How do I improve my hub score?

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  1. OPSCisco profile image60
    OPSCiscoposted 14 years ago

    What is considered a good hub score?  How do I improve my hub score?

  2. FeliceGerwitz profile image61
    FeliceGerwitzposted 14 years ago

    Good question, I too would like to know. I only created one hub and will create many more if there is good traffic here on this site. Not sure anyone is interested in writing and publishing.

  3. relache profile image74
    relacheposted 14 years ago

    There's an automatic cut-off at a Hub score of 40, or an author score of 75:  below those, all Hubs have their outgoing links marked "nofollow."  So many people think that if you get your individual or author score above those thresholds, you're doing better than those folks below.

    Here's my personal take on improving HubScores, http://hubpages.com/hub/Boosting-HubScores

    1. knowyourtour profile image60
      knowyourtourposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks for your most useful answer here. Your information will help me a lot in my future days. It was really necessary for me to know something like this. Thanks again.

  4. Glenn Stok profile image96
    Glenn Stokposted 14 years ago

    Well I'm a newbie too, but I got my score up over 80 already and I'll share with you what I've been doing.  I try to be active in the Hubpages community. I do that by browsing the forums and I participate where it makes sense. I don't post just to make a post, only when I have something fitting to add to the discussion. I also try to answer a few questions, as I am doing now. And, of course, I publish hubs with meaningful and useful (I hope) information. I am writing a "progress report" for a hub where I discuss what I've leaned so far, to share with other newbies. I plan to publish it as a hub on November 1st so that I can include all of October in it. Why not watch for it.

    1. LouCannon profile image71
      LouCannonposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      I just finished reading your post... You were up over 80 and now are at 100! The first 100 score that I have seen... Can't wait to browse your hubs and learn from one of the experienced!!

    2. knowyourtour profile image60
      knowyourtourposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      You have got a great hubscore. I am amazed! Also I got a good number of things in your short answer. Thank  you.

    3. Jan Orville profile image57
      Jan Orvilleposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      people, can you all help me, my scores are reducing and i don;t know what the reason why

  5. advisor4qb profile image75
    advisor4qbposted 14 years ago

    Posting pictures and having a high word count helps...

  6. profile image58
    FStevensposted 13 years ago

    Taking part in forums, discussions and helping other people out answering questions seems like a good place to start!

    1. Single With Kids profile image60
      Single With Kidsposted 11 years agoin reply to this

      Apologies for resurrecting an old thread here but as a total newbie to HubPages I'm just finding my way around at the moment and of course this was something I couldn't work out.  I've also just discovered I can only write short forum posts!

  7. Tiffany Longines profile image58
    Tiffany Longinesposted 13 years ago

    Enrich your hub content by adding more words, interesting pictures. Also, engae yourself into hub communities, and you will definitely see an increase of hub score.

  8. profile image58
    dreams12posted 12 years ago

    thank you for posting this question and to those of you that have answered. I am new to hubpages and looking for tips from those who have some experience. I look forward to working with everyone in this community!

  9. Crayonmonster profile image49
    Crayonmonsterposted 12 years ago

    Thanks for the info! Hope I can get my scores about the 60ish range.

  10. jdw7979 profile image72
    jdw7979posted 10 years ago

    Newbie here as well, but it seems just getting involved in the HubPages and forums helps. Also, solid content and adding to your articles in the form of pics, vids, longer articles and so on seem to boost the score too..

  11. SixIRISHKids profile image60
    SixIRISHKidsposted 9 years ago

    I know that this forum is old, but it was helpful.  I am a newbie and write when I have time.  I scored higher on my first hub and believe that it was because it was unique about my family and such.  These were my original photos.  In the second article, I wrote about a place that I visited and a third one on record searches and I scored lower on both of those articles, but had more words.  The photos were also used from Flickr, so that was not original and may have brought the score down too.  I'm thinking originality may be priority as well.  My next plan is to begin reading other hubs and responding.  If you have any current feedback, I would enjoy reading it.  Thanks!

  12. wanderlustworker profile image53
    wanderlustworkerposted 9 years ago

    Your HubPages score is a reflection of the quality of content that you put out there. In essence, the quality guidelines that HubPages follows, falls primarily inline with Google's guidelines. If the quality is high, you'll rank higher.

    Over the years, Google has been razing the Web and eradicating it of poorly-written content that adds no value. We've seen this with the algorithm adjustments such as Google Panda, Penguin, and Exact-Match Domains. Link farms, content farms, and other poor-quality content sites lost heavily during this period.

    If you want to get a high HubPages score, here is what you have to do:

    #1 - Write a Keyword-Centric Hub: No one wants to read a Hub (or any article anywhere on the Web for that matter) that veers off topic and goes on tangents. Stay the course and focus your content on a specific question, topic, or keyword.

    #2 - Write Lengthy Content - Your Hub should be at least 1000 words in length, while also staying on topic. If you just try to fill in words here, then your score will naturally decrease.

    #3 - Well-Written Content - The Hub must be well-written. It must provide an exceedingly-high amount of value. Don't just throw the Hub together. Ensure that it's well-researched and that you know what you're talking about.

    #4 - Ensure that it's Error-Free - You absolutely must not have spelling or grammar errors in your Hub. If you don't care about the overall appearance of the Hub, then you won't rank high. Check it three or four times if you have to, until there are no errors left.

    # 5 - Sectioned Content - Google and HubPages want content that's easy to read. You must section your content so that it's easy to read and understand. Use keyword-rich heading tags to ensure that people know what to expect in any given section.

    #6 - High-Quality Images - You can't just throw any image up there. Both Google and HubPages expect high-quality images. Don't find blurry images or images that aren't on topic. Find the right image and ensure that you have the right to use it.

    #7 - Share your Content - A very big part of the equation is the number of inbound links to your content. Share the content on other High PageRank sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

    #8 - Few Outbound Links - Don't clutter your content with tons of outbound links. Have 3 or less links in your content, and ensure that they're relevant links. Having only one link would be the ideal situation.

    Hopefully this helps some of you out...

    1. gerimcclym profile image95
      gerimcclymposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Although this was shared 13 months ago, thank you very much for the very helpful information.

    2. mchllhwgt profile image68
      mchllhwgtposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you. This is a really helpful insight into how to get the best start. Much appreciated.

  13. knowyourtour profile image60
    knowyourtourposted 8 years ago

    Hello Everyone,
    I am a new Hubber; joined Hubpages just a few days ago. My idea of Hubscore is not that clear. what can be called a standard hubscore? How does Hubpages justify this factor. Does it matter for earnings?

    Till now, I have posted 2 hubs and scored between 70 to 85. How is it?

    Thanks & Regards.

  14. naturalfever profile image68
    naturalfeverposted 5 years ago

    Even after the few years since this post was started, am still not sure how or what impacts the score. Any insights from the veterans here?

    1. theraggededge profile image96
      theraggededgeposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      No, we have no idea smile

      It's better to start your own thread than resurrect an old one.

  15. Juraj Vysvader profile image62
    Juraj Vysvaderposted 4 years ago

    Well, informative and constructive discussion, something that I had been searching for : ))


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