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ow do you earn money on hubpages?

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    morrisonsmposted 8 years ago

    ow do you earn money on hubpages?

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    Trsmdposted 8 years ago

    instead of typing why have you copy and pasted..You have omitted "H"..

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    frogdroppingposted 8 years ago

    Go read around the site. Affiliates are what you need to look for. The site is full of relevant info. Use the search facility. Make an effort to do what most of the rest of the hubbers had to do ... because this is yet another oft asked question that you have on a plate when you first join the site.

    Hubpages provides a wealth of information as soon as you've signed up. I know they do because I read through it. And it's still there should I want to re-read it.

    Play the game a little. Read and learn the basics. You clearly haven't bothered reading what's on offer. And that, new hubber, is unfair. Don't expect others to do all the hard work.

    And seen as though I've had a little moment I may as well stay long enough to say that you need to sign up with Adsense, Amazon etc. Those are two of the four affiliates. Go read up.

    Because your question here is an easy one to find the answer to, I'd imagine that you're gonna get real stuck again real quick.

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    dreamer32posted 8 years ago

    To earn money on your hubpages! Go to the part where it ( my account) and then going under affliate settings! That is where you will find affilates such as google adense, amazon, kontera, and ebay! I don't know about amazon, kontera,and ebay!  With google adense, you must register  in order to create an account with them! With google adense, you must give them your blogging website or your own offical website!  After registering with them, they will tell you that your site is under review so that they can approve of it! When they approve, ads will probably be on the right of your ads! When someone clicks your ads, you earn money!