Chris Matthews on Van Burren

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    The Sharkposted 8 years ago

    Hi Chris, thanks for unraveling the mystery surrounding the shooter, James W van Burren. I am sure you must have put in exhaustive hours of investigative research to come to the conclusion that he is a "right wing extremist." Wow, that is the type of investigative journalism we look to you and your net work for. Look how cleverly this guy disguised his true feelings by making anti right remarks for years.
    I wonder which trail you followed to come to the conclusion
    that he was a right winger?
    Was it the one where van Burren said he hated President Bush and all Bush neocons? Oh, maybe it was the rants he had against that lefty guy Bill O Reilly, or his out spoken
    opposition to the Iraqi war.
    This mask must have made it very difficult to get to the truth that this was a right wing conspiracy. The same way that Hillary dug in deep and found a "vast right wing conspiracy" claiming her husband was having an affair with an intern named Lewinski.
    I don't know how you uncovered it but it was pure genius.
    I bet this conspiracy goes back years. It must have been a
    conservative right leaning Judge that gave the guy only seven years for entering the Federal Reserve with a 
    with a shot gun protesting Regan's fiscal budgets.
    Wait a minute, I think I got it! It's the "W" . His name gave it away, James "W" van Burren. Great work Chris.
    I wonder if anyone told Hilary that her husband did have an affair with Lewinski.
    The Shark