CBS NEWS Historic Lowest Ratings Ever

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    The Sharkposted 8 years ago

    A Profile in Courage

    I am long time viewer of CBS news.
    Quoting Dan Rather, I think CBS has demonstrated courage. I may even go further than courage saying down right reckless abandon. You have demonstrated reckless abandon not seen since the Great Houdini drowned.
    As your ratings hit a record low you continue to stand for what you believe is right, even as it destroys your network. This kind of courage has not been seen since Dan Rather followed Nixon's philosophy of self righteousness when he stated, if the President does it, it's legal. Dan showed the same genius and courage stating, I don't care if the documents are real, I believe the story is true, that's all that counts. He was a martyr, not caring if it destroyed his own career, as long as the "truth" got out. 
    Now you follow that same bold path, sticking with Katie Couric at the anchor desk and continuing to put the truth out there, despite ratings so low it makes the stock market crash of 1929 look like a euphoric buying frenzy.
    You must have the most loyal stock holders in the world, similar to the group that held onto their GM stock till the bitter end. Investors not even concerned with their own financial well being, but only concerned that their dollars are doing the patriotic thing in helping the American people to know the truth. Even after seeing what happened to Air America you continue to stick to your guns...
    "Courage, Courage, Courage",
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