Are the links from my articles dofollow or nofollow? .

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    Sandalwoodposted 8 years ago

    Are the links from my articles dofollow or nofollow?

    Are the links from my articles dofollow or nofollow?
    I read somewhere that your rating would...have to be 70 or above to be dofollow if 69 or less they will be nofollow -- could someone please clarify?
    An answer to a similar question here says that Hub Pages do not like to much linking is that correct -- is there a policy statement? I need to build links to 2 blogs, should I go elsewhere?

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    ilmseoposted 7 years ago

    The following HUB explains when links are and are not followed:

    Here is an excerpt specifically answering the question:

    "Any individual hub that is below a HubScore of 40 has all outbound links (yes, the ones that you've put in there too) nofollowed.

    A HubberScore (that's the score of the author) of below 75 causes ALL the outbound links on ALL your hubs to be nofollowed."

    It is also important to note that if a HUB has more than 2 links to one domain it will be flagged as "overly promotional". When following the guidelines and creating interesting, unique content using HUBs can be valuable for link building.

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    dandan594posted 7 years ago

    Your profile score needs to be above 70 to make all of your hubs dofollow, but this is easy to achieve. You may want to try and also submit some articles to .

    Also read my hub on how to get more natural visitors to your site, it will be helpful.