What Aspect Of Hubpages Is The Most Difficult?

  1. Annabel Swift profile image59
    Annabel Swiftposted 8 years ago

    What Aspect Of Hubpages Is The Most Difficult?

  2. akmyamuna profile image53
    akmyamunaposted 8 years ago

    Hi Annabel Swift,

    Im here to earn money. So most difficult aspect is me to find the best combination which earn more.

    For an example: Amazon is not working with my hubs of South Indian celebrites. But Google adsense is working really well. It took me to find one month.

    Also it is very difficult to find the best suitable place for Ads inside hubs. Since some hubs are very interesting to users, then they do not care about ads. So everyday I do experiement to earn more and more by changine my layout of hubs. Personally I belive writing more is not help to earn more. If you can earn 1000$ by one hub, it is the best write? So I always try to find best layout to earn more. But it is very difficult aspect as I understand.

    Anyway my objective may be different from yours, and my knowledge of internet is also different for yours. Then I think, answer for your quiz is different from person to person.

    I hope these information is helpful to you to clarify your quiz. If you need any more help Im always happy to do so.

  3. fastfreta profile image79
    fastfretaposted 8 years ago

    For me it is difficult to stay on target and write, because there are so many quality writers.  I love to read, so reading becomes my main focus and writing takes a back seat.