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I'm excited to have found HubPages, because I've only recently discovered the joys of writing. My real passion is reading.

My hubs are about my musings. My mind is never idle, I'm always thinking, so HubPages is a perfect outlet for my deep, and not so deep thoughts. I write about subjects that affect me deeply, sometimes funny, sometimes serious. I, even at times, will write down my frivilous or flighty thoughts. I can find humor in almost everything that I think about, so most of my hubs will reflect that. So, browse through the topics below, see if you find anything interesting, and follow me on this great writing adventure, I've embarked upon.

Anything I do can spark a thought deep enough to write about, so it is becoming easier for me to write. However, I love to read, so it is hard to not read for hours on HubPages.

I don't like controversy, and I have very strong views on Religion and Politics, ergo, I won't ever make comments on either.

One of the highlights of my time here on HubPages is being chosen to be among the top 200 Hubbers of 2009. http://hubpages.com/hub/Top-200-New-Hubbers-In-2009-The-Nominees-Are.

To add the icing to the cake I was chosen to be among the top 20 Hubbers of 2009. http://hubpages.com/hub/Top-New-Hubbers-For-2009-And-The-Winners-Are . Thank you fellow hubbers, for this, I consider, undeserved honor.

Update: December 5, 2012 I was on a Reality TV Special "Neat Freaks," which was telecast on TLC. An excerpt can be found on Youtube, under "Neat Freaks TLC. By the way I did rinse the apple! FYI I have heard that the show is still being shown in other countries around the globe.

Update! I wrote and published my first book, "Seasons Change, So Can You," 2013. Also as of June 2014 I designed and built my first website,http://www.alfretasailor.com/

I can be found on Facebook and Twitter

Facebook http://facebook.com/alfreta

Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/fastfreta


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