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Do you know phpbb forum? I need Help please

  1. gabriella05 profile image53
    gabriella05posted 10 years ago

    I am having problems with members of my forum and I would like to delete them can any one help please?

    Thank you for your time
    Very appreciated

  2. retireyoung profile image61
    retireyoungposted 10 years ago

    If you can get in the admin panel and then user management you should be able to nuke them.  Probably the wrong place to post here though.

  3. gabriella05 profile image53
    gabriella05posted 10 years ago

    I am sorry to have posted in the wrong place but I do appreciate your information
    Thank you very much

  4. compu-smart profile image66
    compu-smartposted 10 years ago

    gabriella05. Hi:)

    This is the right place but your question was not detailed enough. I take it your having problems with comments being made in your Hubs!! If so you can edit the comments box and tick the following options which is...

    1:Comments must be approved before they appear.
    2:Email me when new comments are posted.
    3:Only signed-in users may post comments. 
    4:delete the whole comments box and replace it.

    If your having other problems you can get help here and just keep asking until we get there;)

  5. gabriella05 profile image53
    gabriella05posted 10 years ago

    Thank you compu-smart. It is the wrong place, it about my personal forum, people posting porno and selling viagra on the forum and I was trying to delete them.

    I also like to thank you for your information, as I didn’t know that you could moderate your comment or even have a choice

    Thank you compu-smart for your information on hub comment
    And thank you retireyoung  for your help