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Lowest Hub Score Ever!

  1. wannabwestern profile image87
    wannabwesternposted 8 years ago

    I recently got my lowest score ever for a book review on Kate Chopin's novel, The Awakening.

    Anyone want to give me some feedback? Usually my scores start around 50 and go up as I construct the hub.

    The entire review is my original writing. I didn't copy any text.

    1. Davinagirl3 profile image61
      Davinagirl3posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Dude, I have soooo got you beat.

      1. Davinagirl3 profile image61
        Davinagirl3posted 8 years agoin reply to this
    2. Davinagirl3 profile image61
      Davinagirl3posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I got a 39 for my hub entitled "The Hardships of Motherhood".  I won't apologise for the work because I have written much worse and gotten a higher score.  Who knows why these things happen.  I wrote it at like 10pm last night and it is 7:15am, now, so I am hoping it will go up.  It might just be a crappy piece, though... What do I know? smile

      1. profile image0
        Iðunnposted 8 years agoin reply to this

        the scores 'stuck' for 12 twelve hours yesterday in some categories.  I don't know why that happens but it happened to  my last two also.  Possibly a glitch.

    3. soni2006 profile image82
      soni2006posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      You are not alone dear. It is happening everywhere. I think it is because there are many hubbers who are writing better competitive hubs than what they have written in the past.

  2. yoshi97 profile image73
    yoshi97posted 8 years ago

    I did my best to come up with an answer that might help, but after looking it over I could find none. Sorry. sad

    As a thought, maybe it was the time of day you released it. Maybe hub activity was low at the time, bringing little traffic to the hub. Just a guess, and not a good one I'm afraid.

    1. Fiction Teller profile image59
      Fiction Tellerposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Sorry from me, too--your hub was perfect.  Beautifully written, great art and photos, well laid out--I think it's just as yoshi97 said, that traffic is down.

      In the case of this hub, I can't imagine your getting thumbs-down feedback except in the event someone simply doesn't agree with you about the book.

  3. girly_girl09 profile image77
    girly_girl09posted 8 years ago

    This is what I think happened:

    You didn't write this all in one setting. You created a new hub, chose a title and maybe wrote a brief paragraph or so and clicked save.

    Whenever a hub sits unpublished that has little content, it gets a really low score. The opposite of this is true as well and if you write a full-fledged hub in one setting, click save unpublished and let it sit for a few days, the score will rise to about 65.

    I have some hubs right now with just a title, a pic and a short intro that are rated around 25. When I add more and publish them, they'll obviously be rated higher.

    Now, after letting your paragraph set for a few days, you came back and finished the whole hub in one setting and clicked publish. I see that you published it 10 hours ago. If it's not up to a reasonable score in 2 days (it will take some time for the score to climb) then I have no idea what happened to it.

    The review looks great to me...big_smile

  4. profile image0
    Ghost32posted 8 years ago

    Your question spoke to me because of my own "lowest ever Hub score" experience of a few days ago...curiously enough also at the same "39" figure.  With that in mind, I hoped to be able to spot something that might help. 

    In my case, a quick rereading announced the problem:  I'd inadvertently produced a Hub that came off "spammy".  It took about 5 minutes to repair, and the Hub score climbed normally after that.  But clearly that is not the case with The Awakening.

    The only thing I MAYBE spotted is the lack of links, as (so far as I could see) you have included none other than the 3 back to your own Hubs.  I'm hesitant to link more than twice that way, but then again I do try to place a minimum of 10 (relevant) links in every Hub with special attention to making certain the title keyword does not get missed. If you routinely publish your work without links and have had no prior problem, though, I'm as stumped as everyone else.

    P.S.  AHA!!  Just checked your review again, and it popped up to a "40" score during the time I was writing the above.  Without question I learned something, which is that a Hubber CAN publish a charts-climbing Hub without many (any?) links.

    1. girly_girl09 profile image77
      girly_girl09posted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I rarely use links in my hubs. Not necessary, at all. smile Not sure if it affects the score, but I'm ok with my current hub scores.

  5. profile image43
    badcompany99posted 8 years ago

    I find if you just re-edit and even add a few words or mess about with the Title that always helps. Works for me anyway, you get my thumbs up anyway smile

  6. wannabwestern profile image87
    wannabwesternposted 8 years ago

    Thank you all for your kind replies. I should share a little bit more of the back story on this hub. I first published it with an original score of about 48, then saw that the score had fallen to 38. I was so surprised! The story deals with a theme of sensuality, and I wondered if the morality police were on the prowl. I strained to think if the hub actually read like an endorsement of soft porn, and decided that it would be in my better interest to take the discussion of the novel's sensual nature off the table. I decided not to participate in HubMob this week because I think the topic is too politically divisive, and I couldn't figure out how to write about it without alienating someone in my fan base. I like to think of myself as a "libertarian" in that sense.

    Then I started thinking that I was just being paranoid, so I reread the hub. I found several misspellings and decided my intro was pretty weak, so I fixed the misspellings and did a major rewrite of the hub.

    You have all been very complimentary and I thank you for that, but I still learned quite a bit.

    Ghost-To this point I haven't thought much about how adding links within my hubs to outside sources would affect the score. Personally I prefer to add my links to the end because I don't want people to click away from my hubs.

    Thank you badcompany99 for your thumbs up, and Fictionteller, for your encouraging praise.

    GirlyGirl, I think there may be something to what you wrote. Time will tell!

  7. profile image0
    Iðunnposted 8 years ago

    Sometimes they just do that and I think it's a glitch.  It happened to a couple of mine week before last.  I published and there was nothing unusual about them and they sank to 39 and stayed there for like 12 hours.  No idea why.

    Later they rose naturally, as they should. 

    I wouldn't worry too much about it.  Ultimately if it's a good Hub, the score will rise accordingly, even after a rocky start.  It is a little disheartening though, so I understand.

  8. getpaidtopost profile image41
    getpaidtopostposted 8 years ago

    Make sure you keep the hubpages editor open whilst you create your hub.
    I keep mine open over night, even though I use Microsoft word I still keep the hubpage editor open.

    Do not publish until finished. Make sure the process from start to finish last more than a hour or so.

    what many people do is create a hub within a txt editor like Microsoft word, they then copy the text from Word and hit the create new hub button, they quickly chose a title and category then past the text and hit publish.

    This whole process lasts for about 30 sec. I have noticed by doing it this way you start with a low score as it looks like spam. Keep the hubpage editor open the whole time you are writing and you should start with a hubscore of 60 to 70.

    Hope this helps someone.

  9. profile image0
    Nelle Hoxieposted 8 years ago

    That happens to me all the time. I've stopped watching it on new hubs. No one will think the worse of your hubs. We all know what's happening.

    All I care about is how quickly google sends visitors. And there's no correlation with a hubscore and that, in my personal experience.

  10. profile image0
    Iðunnposted 8 years ago

    my scores on two of my strongly hit hubs today have stayed stuck for several hours now.

    I have one that has had 30 something google and other search hits in the last few hours and hasn't budged a bit in score and the new hub I put out seems to be stuck permanently at 47 despite multiple views and comments, while other hubs of mine are rising and falling naturally with views.

    it IS annoying, however surely whatever is keeping those from updating apppropriately will eventually rectify itself.

  11. Blogercise profile image61
    Blogerciseposted 8 years ago

    I find it is best not to try and second guess the "quality" score.  Just write something good up, the score seems to rise over the next week or so.  I doubt their algorithm is perfect and the danger is you'll end up writing hubs just to please their algorithm which doesn't seem right to me.  And then of course they will update it and improve and then suddenly you are back to square one.

  12. Miss M profile image60
    Miss Mposted 8 years ago

    Get over it and start again. the world ain't waiting for no-one, honey!

  13. wannabwestern profile image87
    wannabwesternposted 8 years ago

    Your responses made me laugh. The scoring system is usually pretty good to me, and the low score happened soon after I hit 100 on my profile score the first time. I like the text editor comment. I think you are correct that HP probably discourages copy and paste behavior as a quality control measure. That makes writing something on a laptop and uploading a lot more difficult, though. I remember the days when it was almost impossible to copy and paste within your own hubs. On to new book reviews! Cheers all!

  14. profile image0
    DarwinsLaureateposted 8 years ago

    You seem to have a nice high hub score. It could be from lack of traffic, or any other number of things besides bad content, which I don't see any of.

  15. earnestshub profile image88
    earnestshubposted 8 years ago

    The content looks great, and so does the score at 78, You may have published during a flat time.