How I can make a money in this Hub, please show me the way ?

  1. doraemonix profile image51
    doraemonixposted 7 years ago

    How I can make a money in this Hub, please show me the way ?

  2. akmyamuna profile image52
    akmyamunaposted 7 years ago

    Dear Doraemonix,

    HubPages do not directly pay to you. Following affliate programs are currently available with HubPages. Those programs display ads on your hubs, Google and Kontera pays for clicks, while other 2 pay for purchases.

    Google Adsense

    If you do not have an ID from those, you should log in to those first if you want to earn money. Before applying for these programs you should at least write 1 or 2 good quality hubs specially for Google. Only 60% of times your ads will be displayed while 40% of time HubPages ads will be displayed.

    Hope this answer is helpful to you. If you need anymore help just let me know. I always happy to help you.

  3. webdevjim profile image61
    webdevjimposted 7 years ago

    Hello Doraemonix,
      Akmyamuna  covered the main programs that you can apply for and then plug into your pages. You will get paid for clicks or by people buying products from your hub pages.
      That's the simple part. Good information should be your only goal at this point. Much has already been written about how to make money online. Since most people really want to believe that they can have a business up online and making money in 3 days, or some other crazy claim, most beginners read that type of material first.
      Don't let yourself fall into this trap. Remember that you are unique. Your experiences in life have been unique. If you take a few minutes, I know that you can think of something that you know a lot about. There are probably multiple topics you could write about where you could provide useful and original information.
      For now, I would take these simple steps.
    1) Take some time to think about a topic/s that you could write about. Don't take more than an hour. Otherwise, you are over thinking for this step.
    2) Take your list of ideas and see what information is already available.
    3) During step 2 make some notes about what information is missing about the topic that you could provide. Also, if you see information that is incorrect, incomplete or could be expanded upon, make a note of it.

    You should now have a decent list of ideas for you first few articles. Take care of this first and then worry about how to monetize that information after you have some good original content written and published.

    I have avoided writing about internet marketing since it has been written about  so often. Obviously, there is still a high demand for internet marketing information. I will try to post a few articles on this topic in the coming days.

    Hopefully this helps.