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Review my first Hub

  1. etb50 profile image58
    etb50posted 8 years ago

    I just became a member of the HubPages community, and wrote my first hub, tell me what you think, give me feed back and ideas!

  2. Litany Notch profile image76
    Litany Notchposted 8 years ago

    Some pictures would be good, of all the great places you have been.  Interesting hub.

    1. getpaidtopost profile image40
      getpaidtopostposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      As Litany pointed out, Images of the city's or something would finish the hub with style. very good hub well written. Welcome to hubpages.

  3. fayans profile image70
    fayansposted 8 years ago

    Apart from what have been said, perhaps allow me to suggest that you should break the text into shorter paragraphs for better readability.

    Still it's a well-written hub. Oh yeah, images does wonder.

    1. Kmadhav profile image58
      Kmadhavposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Welcome to the hubpages smile....Agree with fayans, Good written hubs only two little things you need to do just write in small paragraphs for better readability and use spell check tool....otherwise you choose a good topic......smilesmile

  4. fierycj profile image76
    fierycjposted 8 years ago

    Gotta get the pictures, man. Never underestimate the power of pictures on a hub.

  5. etb50 profile image58
    etb50posted 8 years ago

    alright, i put some pictures up, im going to scan some more and get them on the computer, and put those up, figured i should maybe put up 3 for each place, or do u guys think that will over crowed it?

  6. wannabwestern profile image85
    wannabwesternposted 8 years ago

    I agree that your hub is well-written, and the paragraphs need to be broken up for added readability. You can do this by adding headings. The logical place in your hub, of course, being at the place where you have changed countries.

    Your experiences are interesting and I have noticed that travel hubs do well here. Keep it fresh with your personal photos, particularly if you are a good photographer.

    Oh--and do use the spell checker provided with the text editor. That will increase your score, too.

    Three pics for each place probably isn't too much. So much is published on HP and good photos will keep people reading.

  7. Dame Scribe profile image59
    Dame Scribeposted 8 years ago

    Welcome to HubPages, etb50 smile I agree with our fellow Hubbers...photos and break up the text into smaller paragraphs and overall,...a awesome Hub big_smile