How To Remove Sign Up From My Hub Page After Publishing

  1. monsupress profile image49
    monsupressposted 10 years ago

    Hi fellow hubbers,

    I have one little problem with my hub. The "create your own sign up" message at the top right of the hub still appears on my hub even after publishing and this doesn't make the hub look professional. Please take a look at one of my hubs to see what I mean and please tell me what to do to remove the "create your own sign up" message from it.

    Thanking you … deo-Screen

  2. Hoodala profile image55
    Hoodalaposted 10 years ago

    Any time you are not logged into hubpages that message will appear, it is how hubpages gets new hubbers to sign up and make hubs.   guess the good news for me is i never see it cause i am always logged in.