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I know the articles submitted to Hub Pages must be unique, not to have appeared

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    Sandalwoodposted 7 years ago

    I know the articles submitted to Hub Pages must be unique, not to have appeared elsewhere on the...

    internet. My question is: Once they have been published on Hub Pages, can they be subsequently, at some later date, be published elsewhere?
    I ask this because now published on Hub Pages is some of my best work and more importantly the content is information rich that could be of value to some members of the diabetic community to whom it is aimed. I am a diabetic myself. If only a handful of Hub Pages members read it I have wasted my time and I am wondering whether I should remove the posts and put them on my own web site.

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    Jasnavposted 7 years ago

    Precisely the same thing is on my mind as well. Would greatly appreciate if you could let me in on any useful answers you get.

    Meanwhile I'm planning to try it out for myself, and actually go ahead and post it to other sites I subscribe to. Let's see what happens!!!

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    dabeanerposted 7 years ago

    I asked some time ago about how unique does something have to be to not trigger HubPages flagging us.  Naturally, someone answered something like "unique is unique".  (What was that Bill Clinton bit about what is is?...)  Anyway, that's not a good answer.  It's not "black and white" for what HubPages and various other sites are looking for.  In reality it has to be only pretty much unique.  The problem is determining where the line is drawn.

    I doesn't look like paragraph substitution alone is good enough, any more.  Look into "spinning".  Rewrite every sentence of the whole article with major words or phrases alternatives.

    Here is a partial sentence in "spin notation":
    "Diabetes is a {serious|dangerous} {disease|illness} that {affects|strikes} ....."  A spinning program will assemble articles for you by randomly selecting one word (or phrase) from within each set of brackets.

    You could give that a try by posting a spun version of your Hub elsewhere and see that HubPages does.  If HubPages then flags you, you could then substitute other spun versions to one or the other places.

    Maybe try a couple of times, but if still a problem, I, myself would delete the Hub if I was going to publish several other places.

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    Sandalwoodposted 7 years ago

    Thank you Dabeaner,
    I did once try spinning in the most careful way, my conclusion it is too time consuming to do a really good job, it is just as easy to rewrite from your existing article when the subject is still fresh in your mind, that is especially true if you know your topic well,

    Another factor for me is that I tend to write lengthy articles, 1300 words the current one and I can see from previous results that I will be lucky to get 50 visitors over two or three months -- diabetes is not popular -- that is why multiple submissions to other directories would multiply the potential number of viewers, presumably willing to check out information that the title suggests is available in the article.

    Thanks for your comments.  Jim R..

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    wychicposted 7 years ago

    If the articles are your own but appear elsewhere on the web it will take a hub score hit as a result, but as near as I can tell it's not against the site's TOS as long as it really is yours. It seems that if they're posted here first and then on other sites they do better, though that could be more coincidence than fact based on my experience.