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Hey sir I have a question I was hopin you could answer. I entered the affiliate

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    brody0020posted 7 years ago

    Hey sir I have a question I was hopin you could answer. I entered the affiliate code for

    adsense on my account but it says I'm not making money. How do I make money with this?

  2. DowntroddenInDC profile image83
    DowntroddenInDCposted 7 years ago

    Google adsense looks at CPM (clicks per mile, however this actually means clicks per 1000 views). It takes a lot of page views  to earn even a single penny (perhaps as little as a hundred, but probably more). What you make the most money on is clicks on the ads themselves.

    So it may be that you just don't have any volume yet. Log into your adsense account and check to see if you have any pageviews at all and then we can discuss further.

    Best of luck!

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    mfurlongposted 7 years ago

    Yes, adsense is a numbers game so you need traffic. But what you write about influences the traffic you can hope to get. If you write about "extraterrestrial left-handed guitar players" you probably won't get as many readers. In order to be found (i.e. in the search engines) you probably want to find out what phrases people are entering. The Google search tool can tell you about high-volume phrase (with low competition so you can show up at the top of the listings). It can also tell you about high CPC (cost per click) phrases that if you might target. If you have high CPC ads showing up in your adsense then when someone clicks it the amount you make is higher.

  4. Robertbloggert profile image69
    Robertbloggertposted 7 years ago

    Hey Brody just want to share the error I made just in case anyone else may have done the same.
    I've been here just over a year and just recently wondered the same thing. I have had my affiliate code set the whole time but when I added the channel in my Google account I copied the url from my profile page where as y'all know there are no ads. Thus almost a year and no clicks I just caught it and added the channel as just www.hubpages.com and now I'm showing clicks weekly.

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    lovebuglenaposted 7 years ago

    You make money with AdSense when someone clicks on the Google Ads that appear on your hubs. Hub views affect how many AdSense impressions you will have. The more hub views the more AdSense impressions, and the more AdSense impressions the better the chance of someone clicking on Google ads. Google ad clicks also depend on the content of your hub, so try writing hubs on topics that people might be interested in clicking ads for. For example, if you write a hub on cruising or vacations, there might be ads for cruise or vacation deals or packages on that hub and people might be interested to click on those.