Ever discovered something that made you rewrite an entire hub?

  1. fritteritter profile image89
    fritteritterposted 8 years ago

    A couple days ago I wrote a hub about how to make an RSS feed based on your HubPages content that included only content of a specific topic. The motive was good... better promotion than your global hot/latest/best feeds by focusing on a specific topic.

    Today, I see a "Search content by fritteritter..." feature on the user profile page which does exactly what I had explained but more effectively and much more easily.

    Can someone confirm that they just added that feature today or yesterday? I see in Google Cache that this feature did not exist the last time Google scraped my profile, and the cached profile includes the RSS feed hub so I know it wasn't there when I wrote the hub. In that case, thanks for listening, HP! tongue

    I'm SO glad to be able to make topic-based RSS the right way even though I have to rewrite the hub (hub revision coming soon)... have you ever faced a total hub rewrite?

  2. fritteritter profile image89
    fritteritterposted 8 years ago

    Ahh, the hub has been rewritten! Check it out if you want to learn how to make RSS feeds for your hubs, forum posts, comments, polls, or any combination thereof based on any keywords you can come up with:

    If you're going to promote with RSS and write about a variety of topics, it's a great idea to make topic-focused feeds rather than just throwing out your latest/hot/best hubs!

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    gurgel1posted 8 years ago