You published a few hubs on making 1000 bucks in 5 weeks with hubpages. Now i to

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    Eddy2106posted 7 years ago

    You published a few hubs on making 1000 bucks in 5 weeks with hubpages. Now i took a look..

    i took a look at your hubs, and i checked their pageranks, and found that not a single hub has a good pagerank with green filled in. It's found in the google toolbar, and backward links are only in hubpages. Is the money coming in from people from the 100's of social bookmarking sites, that click on ads, becuase it dosn't seem like it's coming from google, since it dosen't have a good pagerank? And i plan to try this, and i hope i make 1000 bucks, good luck on money making, and thnaks for ansering my question when you do,.

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    Pcunixposted 7 years ago

    Steve is dead on: people lie.

    Yes, it's possible to make that much money.  I approach that at my main site, but that's with almost 7,000 posts and a quarter million page views per month and many years of hard work!

    If the person who said that hasn't had AT LEAST 100,000 pageviews in the past month, they are very likely to be  lying.

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    howtoguruposted 7 years ago

    As I explained in several of the hubs, the money came from revenue sharing sites outside of HubPages, as well as writing guest posts on websites with a PR4.  The reason I got to write the guest post was based on my hubs.  My hubs have nothing to do with it, and I have spent very little time actually drawing traffic to my hubs because of the 60/40 split, HubPages was just a good platform for me to get recognition and help draw traffic toward other sources.

    Thank you for being skeptical, because blunt honesty is the only way to make money online in a legit way - hence, I never tried to sell anyone some crappy e-book or anything, I simply explained my tactics.  As you will see, my hubs in total have only received around 9,800 pageviews - the traffic was not from HubPages - in the month I made $1,000, I received over 300,000 page impressions through AdSense and had a CTR of around 2-3%, with the average payout per click of around $0.97, although some ads paid over $3.00 per click.  The Google pay period ended and I had made around $1,215 on the check.  The money was short lived, and I only made around $110 the next month around because I quit marketing.

    The methods I explained are not new or unique to me - people that have enough time and energy have been doing this for years, and a lot of people are far more successful than I am, earning $10,000 or more in a month - I've even seen checks as high as $200,000 from AdSense.  I simply thought it would be an interesting topic, and I got enough feedback from many users that they were indeed interested in it.  I think, all time, my actual earnings from HubPages alone totals only around $40 - all the other money is from different sources.

    Hope this clarifies things.  For more info, read the Hub series in detail, and I have explained this and made no promises.

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