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Help with an article please...

  1. Mom Kat profile image78
    Mom Katposted 7 years ago

    Help with an article please...

    My numbers keep going down on this one, which really bothers me because I'm a perfectionist and I like seeing improvement on my scores, not the other way around... so could you PLEASE look at this article and give me some constructive criticism on how to improve on it.  Thank you so much!

  2. telltale profile image76
    telltaleposted 7 years ago

    Perhaps you should look at some of the hubs of high scoring Hubbers.  Don't think I can offer much, as this is the first time I am writing articles other than technical stuff.  One thing I noticed about the hub you wrote, I consider it very direct and to the point, with no conclusion to the hub - hey, I am equally new to this, so what do I know?  smile

  3. MickS profile image71
    MickSposted 7 years ago

    I had a look at this hub, Kat, there's nowt wrong with it from a literary point of view. it may be the style?  We all fall into the trap of presuming others like what we like, so you know what you like in a man and, I believe, that you have written the piece in a way that suggests that what you like and dislike is right, which, of course, it is for you.  It is the way of the world that some women like the slime balls, the dancer character in Saturday Night Fever, some like the corny chat up lines, or even the rude, but we won't go into those...  Perhaps you're giving a negative message to those women who do like them?

    Favourite accent
    'MickS, sorry to offend.'?
    You didn't offend me Kat, if you did, you would know:-)
    I was just making the comment that there are so many accent  variations in England, let alone the geographic British Isles, that it is impossible to say, English accent, British accent, in much the same way that it isn't possible to talk about an Australian, or New Zealand, or USA accent...
    Sorry to tag this on here, but your profile page doesn't include a contact link.

  4. wingedcentaur profile image84
    wingedcentaurposted 7 years ago

    Good Day Mom Kat

    I'm surprised you're only having "trouble" with one hub. The scores on mine go up and down all the time. I check "my account" and find that hubs that were on top, as it were, yesterday are in the middle or near the bottom tomorrow, in relative terms..

    It could be because I publish frequently, which, perhaps, creates volatility. But the more you write, the more one can potentially earn, right?

    I know that the higher an article is scored, it is given a higher "index" on the search engines and so forth. But there is a consistent theme I've heard time and again, from other hubbers asking similar questions to yours: the algorithm by which HubPages scores things is a bit of a mystery. I've heard it is affected by the amount of traffic you get to the hub, which seems to raise the score.

    Some people say your hub needs to inspire lots of internal comments from fellow hubbers, thus indicating "interactivity," thus, perhaps, demonstrating the the HubPages authorities that your article is worthy and thus....

    Good Luck Mom Kat

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