A Funny Story From An 18 Year Old Marketer

  1. jdmaffiliate profile image58
    jdmaffiliateposted 8 years ago

    Well many of you commented on my first thread and my first hub here.

    I was so excited.  I really thought because of the response I should be trying to sell you all something.

    Wow, my mentor put the brakes on me.  He quickly told me and I will quote some of what he wrote.

    "Dont you ever go the route of spamming Hubbers.  This is an intelligent community that will eat you alive.  I am willing to continue working with you but you need to follow my lead.  HubPages is a place you will build outside traffic and learn from the people within the community."

    Okay, Im 18 and obviously have a lot to learn.  As I looked around last night I really was amazed with all the info here.  Thank God I listened to him because I probably would have had a noose around my neck.

    I am understanding more and more each day.

    Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome.

    Oh ya, want to buy some snake oil.  LOL. I know bad joke.


  2. Aran profile image59
    Aranposted 8 years ago

    I'm new to Hubpages too, I agree Hubpages is all about quality content and building a personal brand.