Joys of Tomorrow

  1. ClassyRichardson profile image58
    ClassyRichardsonposted 8 years ago

    Hi mom may we conversant?
    Why do you always look down?
    With great hesitate?
    Can we be normal and show each other love?
    I hate pretending affection,
    And longing for attention
    Isn’t it supposed to feel natural?
    When I smile, and have great hopes
    for tomorrow?
    Why does the smile feel plastered?
    And when I look into tomorrow
    I don’t see a future just more dying people.
    Do you hear me? Why do you look so empty?
    Your stare is hollow where did your soul go?
    All I see is your physical temple
    That once held your living soul
    What killed you? Why did you give up?
    Life gets me down, but I don’t give up.
    I may see tomorrow filled with dying people,
    But I still plan to live through it
    And find the joys of living in today
    So I can have the strength
    To find the joys of tomorrow

    1. rsmallory profile image76
      rsmalloryposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Classy-my heart aches for you. Perhaps your mother is suffering from depression. I admire your perservearance. Al-Anon has taught me I am responsible for my own happiness. You are too. Continue in your effort to not give up and keep trying to be a light in your mother's life. Blessings.