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Is it "normal" for a hub writer with 61 current hubs (1300 traffic) to have not

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    Perry's Blogposted 7 years ago

    Is it "normal" for a hub writer with 61 current hubs (1300 traffic) to have
    not earned ONE CENT?

    Yes, I have labored long and hard placing all manner of LINKS on my
    hubs.....all to no avail. It begins to make the hub writer feel like
    the "affiliates" are writing "piggy-back" on the hub writer. I say this also
    with a professional writing background of bestsellers, thousands of published credits (over the years), and national awards. TRADITIONAL
    PUBLISHING rewards the writer quickly and very fairly in comparison.
    A HUB WRITER could be dead and gone "on the other side" for YEARS
    before a DOLLAR is earned. That, at least, is the discouraging way it
    looks. Please advise.

  2. puter_dr profile image86
    puter_drposted 7 years ago

    This is not normal. I would take a look at how you are trying to monetize your hubs.
    Are you utilizing adsense? If you are, then maybe broaden your horizons a bit and cover some up to date subjects. Things that are in the news. Yes, hubpages likes evergreen subjects, but the competition in making money articles is fierce, and you are limiting your audience.
    Change your avatar to something people will remember. Whether it is a picture of you, or your cat or something else, There are 1000's of other people using the stock avatar, and some of those are spammers.

    Some readers look for customisation as a sign that someone cares about their reputation here.
    If you can get an Amazon acct, put some related amazon products in your articles. They don't make a ton of money, but sales every few days can add up to a nice sum eventually.

    In just taking a quick browse thru your hubs, I see that you don't seem to use images or videos in your hubs.
    While they are not a requirement, they can bring a reader to your hubs, or at least hold them for a few seconds. Perhaps they will see a link they like or so on.

    Why do all the hubs you produce have quotes in the title?  How about writing a couple without and see if that gets you more traffic.

    For some reason, on some of your hubs, the google ads are not targeted at all. I don't know if there is some issue with crawling your content or what.
    An article on Starting your Owm business offers ads for play games online, while others do offer targeted ads. Maybe the hub is too new.

    If you want to experiment with a different style, open a new account, copy your aff setting over, and try a different style and see if you have better results.
    Hope this helps you. I am half asleep, and  not really in writing mode yet.

  3. Azure11 profile image91
    Azure11posted 7 years ago

    Some very good points by puter_dr. Why have you used so many double exclamation marks in your titles and hubs? To me this makes it look a bit spammy and something that I would not take seriously although if you are getting the views then I'm not sure if this would stop you earning money. For example:

    How To Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

    looks to me far more serious than

    "Sharpen Your Competitive Edge !!"

    But yes, add more images to make it look more user-friendly. You could be getting people to your page but as soon as they see it's all text, quotation marks and exclamation marks they just go elsewhere without even reading on and hence don't click on any links on your pages.

  4. relache profile image87
    relacheposted 7 years ago

    It can be "normal" as there is no set standard.  Having looked at your profile and Hubs, it would seem that it is the results you have achieved for what is somewhat cursory efforts, despite what you feel is hard work.

    Your Hubs are not very well-developed, have titles that are general, and topics that provide shallow information.  Your profile is also non-existent after almost two years on this site.  Despite your claims of professionalism, it's clear that you don't know how to write for a web market.  I suggest you forget what you think you know about blogging (Hubs aren't blogs), read through the FAQ and Learning Center, and then start re-writing all your content on the site.

  5. Susana S profile image98
    Susana Sposted 7 years ago

    Even though your traffic is low I would have expected at least one click. This maybe a silly question but do you have an adsense account? If so did you follow all the instructions in terms of activating the account and linking it to hubpages? Have you added your ID to your affiliate settings and does it say active?


    Have you checked your adsense account to see if it's recording your page impressions?