Whats wrong with my hubs? Why is my traffic falling?

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  1. leni sands profile image66
    leni sandsposted 13 years ago

    Whats wrong with my hubs?  Why is my traffic falling?

    I've spent a few days recently going over my hubs, reorganising them according to all the advice I have read here on hubpages.  I've linked to other hubs; to my own hubs, etc.  I've even put the comments capsule below everything else.  I haven't done RSS because I don't understand it but I have posted to twitter and facebook. I've asked questions, posted on forums, hub-hopped, sent fan mail, etc., I don't use my blogger account because quite frankly I have a clue what to write about on there.  Any ideas what I've done wrong and why my traffic has fallen to practical nothing...

  2. drbillfannin profile image60
    drbillfanninposted 13 years ago

    It's your subject matter. The key to great traffic is topics people are interested in. Go check keywords on Google to see what is trending. If you don't have the right subject matter in the hub, no one will find it because that's not what they are looking for. I only seek out hubs that I am interested in. The same applies to everyone else. I have good traffic for a beginner because I am targeting certain people who I know want to read my stories. I purposefully choose topics that are trending right now, but ones that I too am interested in, otherwise I wouldn't be able to write them effectively.

  3. Catalin79 profile image60
    Catalin79posted 13 years ago

    Yep, subject matters the most; I can see this in my hubs, it is particularly annoying that one of my best hubs gather dust while others not so great are swamp with views

  4. nikmaya62 profile image60
    nikmaya62posted 13 years ago

    I also experience the same problem. Sometime my hub score is increasing and sometimes my hub score is decreasing. I don't know exactly what is the cause. I just think that I've wrote some hubs that trends in recent but it will be not trends in the future. So I just wait people who curious to find information related to my hubs topic. My suggestion is you should write the hub related to the topic that is never die and many people still want find the information from time to time.

  5. LasanthaW profile image53
    LasanthaWposted 13 years ago

    You can expect usual traffic on the roads before office hours and after office hours. This traffic comes everyday as usual except on holidays. During other times less traffic. Whenever there is a football or cricket match you can see unusually high traffic.  When you open new markets, new factories, new offices, the usual traffic increases.  When existing markets and others  introduce new products or some new thing too, the normal traffic can increase. If you don't do anything new, if you are not active, traffic might fall. Even if you open new things but you don't promote them, no traffic will come. If you don't introduce any new thing but the existing markets etc. promote themselves highly, the traffic on roads will increase.

    All these are common to HubPages also.

  6. Kumar R Chitnis profile image59
    Kumar R Chitnisposted 13 years ago

    It depends on how you impress your viewers. Your hub should be such that the person or follower or viewer should get interest by seeing your HEADING what you have given. .. . .. . ..

    .................................Have Good Luck.........................................

  7. Wayne Brown profile image79
    Wayne Brownposted 13 years ago

    There seems to be some cyclical rhythm to it.  Maybe it is the weather or the activity level.  When I started eight months ago, it was very slow to start and to build.  Then it picked up fairly good around the three to five month level and now it seems in the past month or so readership even among those who follow me has slowed.  I think some folks give this a try and in a few months they tire of it and move on.  Or, they actually think they will make money and hang in there until disallusionment sets in.  Anyway, hang on, I think it will come back with the economy...after all, this is the summer of recovery! WB

  8. manmade76 profile image40
    manmade76posted 13 years ago

    According to me ,the first increase in traffic in our hubs occurs due to the Visit of other hubbers.

    Now if we donot use proper keyword or donot use the SEO ,our hubs will not come in the front page of the search Engine and gradually we will loose page views of our hubs.

    So the best technique to maintain good traffic in our hubs is to write those hubpages using the proper keyword.

    As hubpages having strong influence in search engines,if you can use those keywords properly surely you can see the huge difference in traffic.

  9. DeafAndy profile image60
    DeafAndyposted 13 years ago

    Hi Leni,

    I've read some your hubs and they interesting and well written.  The problem with your traffic is that you are facing the classic conundrum; Do you write for glory or for profit? 

    You see, most of your hubs are personal loves like your poems.  Once those are written you will get an influx of hub traffic and people that already follow your writing.  But after those people have read it they will move on.  There is nothing left to bring you traffic.  (ie. the hubs don't rank for traffic generating keywords in google.)  Thus the dieing traffic you are experiencing.  I call this writing for glory.  You will get some nice comments and it feels good to write something you are proud of.  I do that on my personal blog and it fulfills my creative passions.

    Now for Hubpages, I write for profit.  I research keywords I think I can rank for and write about something I know people are actively searching for in google.  Look at some of my hubs.  They aren't particular interesting to the average reader but each one averages about 60 visitors a month because they provide a need and rank well in google.  The bonus is that for every 1000 visitors I make about $18.  1000 visitors on a glory hub might make you $5 or often nothing at all.

    If you want to know how to write for profit just send me a message and I will teach you.  The basic steps are remarkably easy.  It just takes time.

  10. keanxy profile image62
    keanxyposted 13 years ago

    Your hub should be what people are look for or searching for. If you right hubs that people are not searching then you will expect no traffic. Just right as many hubs as you can.

  11. weholdthesetruths profile image60
    weholdthesetruthsposted 13 years ago

    You write well, as you should, far better than I could ever hope to.  However, just because something is well written, doesn't mean people search it out.   What writers become famous?   Not the best or most capable, but those who have something to day that captures our minds and make us want to read it.   

    You write what you love and love what you write, but it reminds me of a needlepoint hanging in a frame.  No matter how good it is, if the needlepoint is of an uninteresting image, 1 out of 10,000 will gasp at the skill of the needlepoint artist, and 9,999 of the rest of us will glance at it and ignore the needlepoint that looks like a child's crayon drawing, never comprehending that the skill of the needlepoint artist was fantastic. 

    Thus it is with writers, if the topic they write about is not what the searchers are searching for, then the writer will never be known.   Additionally, no matter how skilled you are as a writer,  you must first attract the audience based on WHAT YOU WRITE about.  You cannot rely solely upon intellectual curiosity driving people to peruse the finest written, just because it is the finest written.

    This makes success as a writer far more elusive, as you must find the topics that passing potential readers will gravitate to, and then you must become a marketing wizard, to find a way to get your work in front of the eyeballs of the search engines and the people who do want to read what you write. 

    To summarize:   First, you must find that which will hold the interest of a wide array of people.   Second, you must find a way to make those who would be interested aware, and third, you must then "sell" those who would be interested, so that they will invest the time to do the clicks, find and then read.

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