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My plunging Hubscore

  1. Guru-C profile image76
    Guru-Cposted 8 years ago

    There is no question that to keep one's hubscore up, it's necessary to put out new hubs.  I haven't in a few months. Not writer's block. On the contrary, I've had a full schedule of writing and editing assignments. But now I see my general hubscore down from the mid to low 90's into the mid to low 80's.  Kind of feels like the eleventh grade! The one thing that consoles me is that one of my hubs, which I won't plug here but you can check out with the keywords quarters and laundry, reached an all time high of 97 today. I wonder if there is an algorhythmic correlation there... So I decided to come on to the forum and whine a little.  And it's also a piece of advice which I'll have to take myself.  Keep putting out new Hubs!

    Have a great day everyone!

  2. alexd181 profile image61
    alexd181posted 8 years ago

    The same thing happens with me, the more often I write the easier it is to maintain a higher Hub Score. But after not writing for a few months I don't think it's uncommon to see a drop of around 10 points.

  3. BrianFanslau profile image61
    BrianFanslauposted 8 years ago

    I haven't been here long enough to say but I have seen a substantial increase since I released 3 hubs today.

  4. Guru-C profile image76
    Guru-Cposted 8 years ago

    Thanks BrianFaslau and Alexd181 for replying!!! I'm going to check out your hubs!