I signed up with Google Adsense, yet it says "Not Set" on the Affl. programs. H

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    smarty2popposted 7 years ago

    I signed up with Google Adsense, yet it says "Not Set" on the Affl. programs.  How do I know I'm set

    Google Adsense show hubpages as connected to them on my Adsense account.  I didn't receive a code from Adsense, and when I try to click on the code box in your Affl. Programs under Adsense it will not let me, all the other highlighted code boxes on the other Affl. Programs will, but the Google Adsense Affl. Program is not hightlighted, will not allow me to enter a code(even if I had one), and says "Not Set"  How do I know if I'm set with Adsense, other than seeing hubpages through my Adsense Account?

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    tstourupdatesposted 7 years ago

    im not sure sorry, maybe you arent signed up?????

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    sweetie1posted 5 years ago

    First of all you would get a mail from Google that your adsense account has been approved. Once your account has been approved then you have to log in to your google account and there on top right hand corner you would see your publisher ID. You have to put that ID in the affiliate setup on hubpages. Only then it would show Active. Once it shows active it means your adsense has been put on your hubs.