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How many views and hubs did you have before you saw any adsense earnings? I woul

  1. kosanya profile image70
    kosanyaposted 7 years ago

    How many views and hubs did you have before you saw any adsense earnings? I would like to see...

    some earnings accumulate, but not sure if I am going about it the right way. Is hubpages a numbers game or is there something else I can do to increase earnings?

  2. simeonvisser profile image84
    simeonvisserposted 7 years ago

    It's not about the numbers, it's about the quality of your hubs and how well they are visited. Someone who is an experienced online writer can join HubPages and start earning right away. Someone who is new to everything needs to learn a lot and your learning pace determines when you'll start earning money. Other than that, it can also take time for your hubs to get noticed if you don't promote them well enough.

  3. Susana S profile image97
    Susana Sposted 7 years ago

    A lot of it is down to numbers when it comes to adsense. The average click through rate is 1-2%, so for every 100 page views (from outside of HubPages) you could expect 1 or 2 clicks.

    HubPages staff have reported that the average earnings on adsense are $2-$5 per 1000 views, which tallies well with my experience.

    A few tips: your hubs are very short. Longer hubs tend to do much better in the search results. I usually go for 800 words + and the majority of my hubs are on page one or two of the search results which equals to quite a lot of traffic (between 4,000 - 6,000 per day).

    Adding some images and videos helps to add interest as well.

    It's all about producing high quality content. Think about making each hub you create the best page on the web for the particular topic and you will most likely see your traffic and earnings increase substantially.

  4. profile image0
    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 7 years ago

    I now have 1106 ever views on my 1 unpublished hub which is 0 hubs for me. I earned my first 1 cent on December 28, 2010. I have done absolutely nothing else except to write my 1 article and set it free on the internet. My 1 article was found 2 months later after I started on hubpages on June 3, 2010 and on August 2010 the referring sites found my article and have been coming back over and over again for my 1 article and I am getting all of my traffic with 100 percent referring sites. So for me it is very easy because I have written an excellent article that have now been seen in 8 countries: United States, Canada, Germany, Spain, Australia, Japan, Brazil, China. Some of the cities are: New York City, New York; San Francisco, Ca.; Pelato, Brazil; Wuhan, China. This is from only 100 percent referring sites. You have to write excellent and high quality articles for referring sites to bring you traffic to your hubs which they have done with my 1 unpublished hub on hubpages. So yes you can make money with 0 hubs but it must be of excellent and very high quality for referring sites to bring traffic to your hubs. It has worked for me but as the sayings go: different strokes for different folks. I have written a miracle and 1 hit wonder article for the 100 percent referring sites to find after being on the internet for 2 months. Referring sites are just another way to get traffic to your hubs like my 0 hubs gets its traffic from only 100 percent referring sites.