ebay acceptance...

  1. samsons1 profile image77
    samsons1posted 7 years ago

    ebay acceptance...

    Hey Alden, seems like I'm having difficulty also.  I'm not understanding how to upload the unique identifier to the base directory (hubpages) and whenever I do what I think they are asking I get an error message that I've exceed the daily attempts.  In a quandary as to what and how to do what they ask, and one just has 72 hrs to try.  Did you every get accepted?

  2. Aiden Roberts profile image83
    Aiden Robertsposted 7 years ago

    As I understand it you need to have your own website to get accepted for ebay, hubpages is not your own site so can't be used to get accepted. If however you have already been accepted as an ebay partner then I would take a look in the help pages of hubpages were I am sure the answer will be.

    It does seem to be an ongoing problem for hubbers getting accepted by ebay.

    Good luck and I hope you manage to get it sorted.