How long does it take to get get indexed and ranked?

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    kaz22posted 10 years ago


    I have posted a couple of hubs. I am curious to know what other hubbers experience has been regarding (a) getting indexed ad (b) getting ranked assuming that your hub is for a term without much competition.


  2. Ichibanda profile image43
    Ichibandaposted 10 years ago

    Hey There Kazz22-

    It typically doesn't not take more then 24 to 36 hours from my experience.  Of course you can ensure and speed this process up by doing some basic marketing of your new hub page.  Getting incoming links from social bookmarking sites and etc will help.

    Typically I create new hub pages int he evening before going to bed and by morning I have a small bit of traffic already.  But again it all depends on quality links coming into the site.