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Is this the correct use of AdWords keyword tool in keyword research?

  1. rich_hayles profile image56
    rich_haylesposted 7 years ago

    Is this the correct use of AdWords keyword tool in keyword research?

    I started doing keyword research a few weeks ago for my hubs and I just wanted to check I am doing it correctly.

    Essentially a high paying keyword will be one that:

    1. Has a high number of searches (over 1000 a month)
    2. Has a high average CPC
    3. The competition bar is near full meaning that a lot of marketers are bidding for the clicks
    4. When you click on the keyword the number of pages on google is low (say under 50,000) to enable easier ranking

    Is that effectively the formula for a high paying keyword or am I looking at it wrong?

  2. easyguyevo profile image85
    easyguyevoposted 7 years ago

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  3. rich_hayles profile image56
    rich_haylesposted 7 years ago

    Cheers easyguyevo,
    Your hub went some way to explaining how the keyword tool works. Still looking for a definative answer on the question though.

  4. onlinecashdigest profile image60
    onlinecashdigestposted 7 years ago

    Actually, it depends upon your purpose.  If you want to setup a blog and your means of monetization is Adsense, write blog posts or articles that has a high number of searches, high CPC and competition bar is full or almost full (this would ensure that a lot of advertisers are bidding for your keywords).

    Having a full bar on competition bar will not result to low number of pages on google so your number 4 is the opposite result on clicking on the keyword in adwords result if the competition bar is high.

    However, if you plan to be the first in ranking with google if you want your blog to be seen in google search on the first page, this would be achievable if the number of pages is low, but you have to balance this if you want also to target more advertisers bidding on your keywords if you monetize with Adsense.

    Check out my blog on this ---> http://hubpages.com/hub/google-adwords- … nse-income