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Why Michael Jackson removed his black features-nose,eyes,hair,color,

  1. ContactCeleb profile image55
    ContactCelebposted 8 years ago

    i respect the dude- he was a legend, but why did he continuously have operations to make him whiter?Some say he had vitiligo but why did he remove all his black features too--nose,eyes,hair,chin remodelled and lips peeled back etc.He was once quoted saying that he got the ops because he was desperate not to look like his father but why change of colour.The dude looked great and more human and manly when he was black....No offence!

    1. Lady_E profile image80
      Lady_Eposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Can we just let him rest in peace and as far as I know, his eye balls were never removed from his sockets....

    2. profile image0
      cosetteposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Michael Jackson had his chin, which was large, broken and removed, and basically his whole face rearranged over the years. i don't think he was necessarily trying to look whiter. he had himself sculpted to the point where he looked very frail and almost feminine, or androgynous, at least, which was probably to reflect how he felt inside...

  2. Numbers223 profile image46
    Numbers223posted 8 years ago

    Hey mate- go to youtube and check out type Michael Jackson vitiligo and you will find all you need.The guy had a severe vitiligo but there is no doubt he had some surgery to deal with the vitiligo.

  3. Judges389 profile image49
    Judges389posted 8 years ago

    I think he had a totally lack of self confidence, had a desire to be white, lots of money, and mental instability. I have done some research on this Vitilago….I doubt Michael Jackson had Vitilago.  You can check my hub “I am ashamed of my brother Michael Jackson”. Apologies my fellow hubbers, im not advertising my hub but if you are interested you can read further. THE GUY IS A REAL SHAME TO ALL PEOPLE OF COLOUR.Its a sad story but i may be wrong.

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      ryankettposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I have clearly missed something here, and I have read your hub. I do not understand why you think it is that you have the right, or any kind of obligation, to be ashamed of somebody who a) was not your brother, and b) you did not know at all.

      Am I expected to be ashamed of any white person who does something against the norm? I could be ashamed of the actions of my father, I could be ashamed of the actions of my grandfather, or my real brother. But should I be ashamed of Hitler, because he was white? Or should I be proud of the 1.2 million British men who died to fight Hitlers evil. And the American people, both black and white, who died to fight his evil?

      Not only do you not have the right to be ashamed of him, or reason to be ashamed of him, but if you really were obligated to feel ashamed for everybody with the same colour skin as you - then surely you should be singling out people like Robert Mugabe? What about OJ Simpson, are you ashamed of him?

      Do I have to be ashamed of Gary Glitter? or Phil Spector? Because they are white like me? I am not 'ashamed' of those people. I pity those people. Just like I pity many black people, white people, green people, orange people, purple people, and fucking rainbow coloured people.

  4. bill1001 profile image61
    bill1001posted 8 years ago

    respect the dead hubbers!!

  5. broadex2 profile image56
    broadex2posted 8 years ago

    Leave me alone....dont you guys have a life.