Does backlinks from hubpages increase the page rank???

  1. Akhilesh89 profile image73
    Akhilesh89posted 7 years ago

    Does backlinks from hubpages increase the page rank???

    I saw number of pages on hubpages and found these pages unrated (PR 0). Even the profile pages are unrated (PR 0). So does the back links from any pages of hubpages is helpful in seo ?

    My pages on hubpages maintain high hub score and I have been on hubpages since one and half years.

  2. HRoger profile image59
    HRogerposted 7 years ago

    They have a certain value towards external links to count as backlinks to other pages; they do not help as much when it comes to backlinks towards your own hubs, as much as it used to count before.

    A page with a PR (0) is actually a indexed page with more value than an unrated back. If the page's rating is 0 then it means that it has already received a rating of 0, as compared to no rating at all, then you won't see a 0 but just a undefined or a '-' in the place of the page rank.

    So the answer is Yes, Hubs do count to carry backlinks to others pages, just like Infobarrel, and others do as well.