Thank you.

  1. sahiba77 profile image57
    sahiba77posted 6 years ago

    Thank you.

    But I have a new question. I have createt a google adsense account and activated it. Now tell me please how can I create ads into my hubs. there are 3 steps, but I can not understand them. especially 3nd step, where I need to put a code indo the URL adress is very difficult for me bu

  2. simonpeter35 profile image59
    simonpeter35posted 6 years ago

    I thought the google adsense comes up automatically, after you have activated it.

  3. rajan jolly profile image88
    rajan jollyposted 6 years ago

    Google places ads automatically on the hubs once the account is activated. It might take 4-5 days for the ads to show up as per my information. I stand corrected if I'm wrong.