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Does HubPages want me to just unpublish all my hubs?

  1. eculligan profile image74
    eculliganposted 6 years ago

    Does HubPages want me to just unpublish all my hubs?

    Whats with the new policies?  HubPages can really be frustrating at times.

  2. LuisEGonzalez profile image88
    LuisEGonzalezposted 6 years ago

    Be patient. HP is trying to make this site better and to rank better, Some changes are needed. For example I was writing articles on Ezine as well as HP. I found out that Google and other search engines don't look favorably on the same articles on multiple sites, they like originality. I'm willing to give the changes imposed by HP a chance to work. It is in HP's benefit to make this site better and better ranking. And that will benefit them and us too.

  3. heavenbound5511 profile image78
    heavenbound5511posted 6 years ago

    I too was very frustrated at first and thought I'll just erase all my pictures. I was very upset and unreasonably mad & thought all my work for the last year was wasted. Emotions, emotions!
    Anyway it was my pictures they had a problem with so I asked a question about how to find the right pictures and read up on it a little and now I understand! http://hubpages.com/question/120042/how … -i-can-use
    Sometimes we don't like to learn new things but once we do we are happy we went through all the trouble!
    If you aren't having problems with the pictures and it's something else than be more direct and state the problem so someone can help you. Hang in their and it will work out Eculligan.

  4. eculligan profile image74
    eculliganposted 6 years ago

    Thanks for answering my questions.  It just seems as if about every 3 months HubPages is making major changes to Policies that affect all of your hubs.  For instance, why do you allow me to have Amazon and sell goods and yet its to overly promotional?  Or how many capsules of Amazon can you have to not make it overly promotional?  If I were a programmer I would write the capsules so that you can only use 2 of them for Amazon as an example.  Kind of like Google Adsense, where it only allows you to 3 ad units per page.  That way you are not guessing and needing to update 50 hubs every time a Policy change is made.  I like HubPages a lot and think it could be that much better.

  5. Entourage_007 profile image86
    Entourage_007posted 6 years ago

    I for one am also disapointed with the new rule that does not allow affiliate links from clickbank.  A reputable company that tests out products and ebooks before they can be marketed.  How much safer can you get when clickbank offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

    This new change on affiliate links really is making me reconsider my efforts and perhaps I will take them elsewhere to places that offer more benefits to the authors.  Authors should be the number one priority as they are the backbone of this site.

    I only hope that enough hubbers will make that fact known so that they can reverse their position on affiliate links.  I have over 200 hubs on hubpages and the recent change has been truly discouraging.

    Better yet, what if they changed the rule in a way that is very similar to ebay and amazon.  One affiliate link for every 200 words or so?  I think thats reasonable, and they will be more likely to keep hubbers that have contributed hundreds of hubs to hubpages.

  6. whoisbid profile image76
    whoisbidposted 6 years ago

    Right now networks are getting desperate because of Google and it's continual algorithm changes. They are all tightening up. Probably the best thing to do is to start your own website and let people on HubPages go there as well as your Hubs.  Link to people from your website and help them out.

  7. profile image60
    Raghu Naikposted 6 years ago

    I think we should wait as HP is trying to make something better for high ranking. Already Google has come up with very tough rules for ranking the sites.