How to post a Hub?

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    maria v eylesposted 6 years ago

    How to post a Hub?

    Uh, hi. This non-techie cannot figure out how to post a hub. I fill in the title and categories. Then I get a page about plagiarism and quality. When I click anything the page disappears! I just can't figure out how to paste on the Hub and post it. What am I missing?

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    Daffy Duckposted 6 years ago

    First you need to go to the "start a new hub" button at the top of the page.

    Pick a title and then what category to stick your hub in--family, pets, entertainment, ect.

    Then you need to pick a format.  It doesn't matter which one you pick at that time, because you can always edit the format during the edit stage.

    Now you need to select tags for the hub.  They will help link your hub to other hubs with similar content therebye giving you more circulation.  Pick at least 2 tags.  You can choose from the ones that they suggest or you can simply write in a key word in the box to the left of their choices.

    When you get to the plagiarism page just go to the next step.  That is just a warning for you and all beginners.

    After that click on the button to go to the next step.  You will need to type in the security words.

    When you reach the edit stage you will have text and photo capsules.  When you are ready to add text click on the edit button on the text capsule.  After you are done with the text click on save.  Do the same for the photo capsule if you have a photo.  IF you want to remove the photo capsule or any other capsule just click on the red x on that capsule.

    There are other capsules at the top of the edit page on the right.

    When you are done editing go to the top of that page.  You will see 3 buttons.  One is "publish unfinished"  Click on that one if you are not finished editing the hub and need to come back to it later.  If you are completely fiished then click on the "publish now" button.

    Good Luck.