Is cross-referencing/posting articles allowed? If not...

  1. Smurf0601 profile image37
    Smurf0601posted 6 years ago

    Is cross-referencing/posting articles allowed?  If not...

    I'm a member of Associated Content as well as just a new member here, is cross-referencing/posting articles allowed?  If not, then do I ultimately have to choose between posting my articles via hubpages or AC?

  2. RedSturtz profile image70
    RedSturtzposted 6 years ago

    You are not allowed to post duplicate content on Hubpages; so yes, you'll need to post original articles here.
    Duplicate content rules:

    You can, however, link to your other articles if you wish, as long as there are no more than two outgoing links to any one external domain, and the link is relevant.

    More info here: