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Does hubpages pay through Paypal only?

  1. nayaz1625 profile image79
    nayaz1625posted 6 years ago

    Does hubpages pay through Paypal only?

    As we all know, hubpages allows us, hubbers, to earn through its ad program. I have read somewhere that payment is effected through paypal. However, though I have not yet earned much, my concern is how will I get paid as paypal is not available for withdrawal in my country. I am only allowed to upload funds and effect payments. On the other hand, Alertpay and moneybookers can be used to withdraw money.

  2. galleryofgrace profile image82
    galleryofgraceposted 6 years ago

    To my knowledge Hub pages does not use Pay pal. It must go to your bank.

  3. Azure11 profile image92
    Azure11posted 6 years ago

    Maybe you can use the money that you earn from hubpages that goes to your paypal account to pay for things that you would otherwise have to upload money for! (Unless you are earning big bucks on HP!)

    1. clothespinnedlove profile image60
      clothespinnedloveposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Does hubpages pay monthly right to the paypal account?  Voted up.

  4. profile image0
    klevifushaposted 6 years ago

    As we all know, you don't have to use the Hub Pages Ad Program. You can also use Google Adsense, which has much higher incomes, Amazon and Ebay. I don't think Amazon is available outside of the United States but the Ebay affiliates program should be. But if you are using Hub Pages Ad Program then the only way to get paid is through PayPal. I think your best alternative would be to try to sign up for Google Adsense. I'm pretty sure they send checks internationally.

  5. Glenn Stok profile image100
    Glenn Stokposted 6 years ago

    The HubPages Ad Program is the only program where you get paid direct from HubPages and it's paid via PayPal (no other option).

    Other affiliates pay direct. Amazon pays by gift card credits or by check (your choice). Google pays by check or by direct deposit (your choice).

  6. nayaz1625 profile image79
    nayaz1625posted 6 years ago

    Thanks to all for the responses. I do have adsense on hubpages but I also opted in for hubpages ad program as well. The problem with paypal is that it will not accept payments on my behalf from anyone else simply because I cannot withdraw. Azure, I have hardly earned $0.07 with hubpagesadprogram so far, there is a long way to go. lol. Thanks a lot.

  7. peachpurple profile image83
    peachpurpleposted 3 years ago

    yeah , if paypal is not accepted in your country, you can use adsense and amazon to pay you in cheque.