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Why doesn't my hubberscore change?

  1. cmlindblom profile image76
    cmlindblomposted 6 years ago

    Why doesn't my hubberscore change?

    I write like a hub a day and answer alot of questions. I also comment on alot of hubs and talk to people and stay active. My hubber score will not go up at all. I even doubled my Accolades. Can anyone help me out?

  2. prektjr.dc profile image86
    prektjr.dcposted 6 years ago

    I am anxious to find this out as well!  Mine varies by a couple of points, but that is all!  I wonder if after a certain point, then your longevity as a hubber is the only way to get it on up those last few points?!?

  3. Escape2Paradise profile image60
    Escape2Paradiseposted 6 years ago

    Mine too I wrote loads of hub and been commenting my score up for a bit then later down alot and not going to up again sad

  4. dilipchandra12 profile image79
    dilipchandra12posted 6 years ago

    My Hub Score too was static since many days and sometimes it drops too. Even am writing hubs regularly and my traffic is awesome, its quite going up after that sub-domain concept. I understood, perhaps participating in Forums and answering questions might increase the hub score. Well am trying the same now to find out the reason for my static Hub Score wink