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Why was my hub taken offline?

  1. addictedtolife profile image57
    addictedtolifeposted 6 years ago

    Why was my hub taken offline?

    It seems that I have completely misunderstood the use of hub pages, after I published my first 'hub' about my views on tattoo choices and including pictures of my own tattoo, after being online for a day, my hub was taken down due to being 'Purely Personal' It asked me to edit it and submit it to administration for aproival of publication.. I do not understand why this has happened? Can somebody please explain where I went wrong?

    Thank you x

  2. JeniferRW profile image82
    JeniferRWposted 6 years ago

    Hi! I'm new here too, but I saw your question and found this, maybe it will help you out smile Sorry that happened to your Hub though!

    "My Hub was moderated as Purely Personal; what does that mean?
    HubPages is not like a traditional blog site, where you publish journal-type entries. Hubs can contain some personal content, but should be interesting, useful, and easily understandable to someone who does not know you personally.

    If your Hub has been moderated for purely personal content, we encourage you to make changes to your content that will make it more interesting to a general audience. If that isn't possible, you can always start fresh on a new Hub."

    Up in the top right hand side where the 'help' button is, there are tons of FAQ and guildelines if you need more details about maybe why it removed. Again, so sorry! Like it says above though, maybe you can just make a few changes make it more general etc, and republish it. If all else fails and you're not sure if it is still right for HubPages ask someone. You can contact HubPages for questions in the 'Help' area as well. Oh 1 other thing, which I did a LOT of and still do actually, is just finding other hubs. I get addicted to it actually and end up reading others Hubs for hours LOL but just do a lot of that and then you'll know exactly how to write and what to write about etc. You'll get it! Just wanted to add that in there smile

    Hope this helps!

  3. somethgblue profile image87
    somethgblueposted 6 years ago

    Hello, Addicted 2 Life
    I'm new to this hub page thing and have only published ten hub pages with various success.

    A few of my hubs have been kind of self promotional in that I'm an artist and have put some of my art on the hub pages, even though I'm not trying to sell any of it.

    A few more of my hubs are somewhat opinionated.

    My point is that after a week or so I received a letter from 'the' HP's administration informing me that I should try to relate my topics so that everyone can participate and that most people could find something useful, informative, thought provoking and interesting.

    I considered it a challenge, so regardless of your motives for writing try to make your hubs appeal to me also.

    For instance I'm 49 and have no tattoos and have no interest in ever decorating my body, as I believe it is beautiful the way it is. However I do enjoy reading, so what would motivate me to read your article?

    Try to make your hub attractive to those that might stumble upon it, give a person with my frame of mind something that will help me on my journey.

    Hope this helps, as it has improved the way I write now, learn from your mistakes take it as a challenge to improve and try again.

    If we don't try we don't do, so try again . . . I will be looking for your successful hub page.

  4. davenmidtown profile image89
    davenmidtownposted 6 years ago

    The administration here does moderate subjects.  They do this as a service to all of the people who write here.  It keeps the content of the entire website on the higher side of quality. 

    Since I did not get to read your hub... I can only offer some general advice.  Try to include a few reasons why tattoo choices might matter to other people and do not concentrate on just your own opinion.  You can also include a little bit of advice about what the general audience of your hub may want to think about before getting a tattoo and maybe some of the more popular tattoos available.  The point would be to make the hub beneficial to everyone.  Even though your hub may have been beneficial to many people, expanding the context of the hub to include basic information can break up the personal side of talking about your tattoos.  If you have further questions you can email me as I will not be able to respond to this question twice.