How Long Should I spend Writing a Hub?

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  1. drspaniel profile image89
    drspanielposted 11 years ago

    How Long Should I spend Writing a Hub?

    I feel that spending over 2 hours per Hub is possibly a little too much, so if anyone has any suggestions to how long the average hub should take, please leave a response! Thanks!

  2. daisyf1305 profile image77
    daisyf1305posted 11 years ago

    It all depends on the type of HUB ur writing,
    Writing needs to be researched so you can give your reader the very best and most informative HUB,
    try to keep adding to your hubs, bringing them up to date, with the latest info, deleting what is out dated etc.
    Something that works for me is I write my hub in word format, word is my proof reader then I post the material to the hub, Then I go back and add more info, ebay links, amazon, more tags.

    In the end it's up to you how long you think it takes you to write a great hub...

  3. elucidator profile image61
    elucidatorposted 11 years ago

    Of course it depends on your hub - is it a short story, novel, poetry? Is it an interview or technical, needing specific research? It depends if you are putting a monetary value on the time it takes to write a hub. I realize it will take me a long time to make any kind of money writing hubs and other online material, so the value is only in experience, expression, creativity and sharpening my skills.  I like to write a first draft, edit, let it sit (hours, days) come back and edit, let it simmer, edit and so on. Don't skimp on the edits. Better yet, pass it to a few friends to read. Our writings can become so familiar we can easily miss things. Lastly, I love to write and create, so if I am enthralled with something and feel good about it, may hours is worth it to me and I want it as perfect as I can get it.

  4. Cardisa profile image90
    Cardisaposted 11 years ago

    As long as it takes to perfect the hub and by that I mean, error free, great layout, interesting info, easy to read, proper use of grammar and tenses, factual information. Take all those into consideration and you will do fine. For some people it takes minutes and for others it takes days. Until you get it right, it doesn't matter how long it takes.

  5. heavenbound5511 profile image67
    heavenbound5511posted 11 years ago

    I think a 2 hour finish time is good. Some of my pages take 6 plus hours- some of them takes days. Others I have to wait until I am in the mood to finish it- If I get burnt out on doing a page it's best to wait until I am stirred up again, or it will turn out bad.

    Like the others said it all depends on what you are doing the page on. Whatever it takes to give a complete well done page is all I'd be concerned with. Sometimes if you are just looking to put out a higher quantity you will end up suffering in the quality. 

    God bless you and happy writing on hubpages!

  6. profile image0
    Kieran Gracieposted 11 years ago

    No, I don't think that 2 hours is too long.  Anything less would probably result in a sketchy and poorly-researched article.  Clearly some Hubs do get finished in less time, but it shows!

  7. ubanichijioke profile image76
    ubanichijiokeposted 11 years ago

    Depends on the type of piece you re writing. A research piece takes much time. For me, i take much time as possible to organize my piece. No need of rushing. Take your time. Thanks

  8. zanaworld profile image58
    zanaworldposted 11 years ago

    It all depends upon the topic or the subject and mood.

    In the past three years, I have written only 30+ hubs!

    In fact, in the past two/three months, I have added half of the hubs.
    For any effective and best hubpages, you must spend a little over 3 to 4 hours!

  9. Dennis AuBuchon profile image62
    Dennis AuBuchonposted 11 years ago

    It is not the length of time you spend on writing a hub it is the quality of the content.  The time it takes to write a hub depends on the individual and the topic.  Some can write hubs in a matter of minutes while others take time to put their thoughts on paper.  It is not easy for some individuals while for others writing comes naturally.

    I do not look at the length of time it takes me to write a hub.  I work on it until it presents the facts and points I want to communicate.  When I feel it has accomplished this objective, I publish the hub.

  10. Moon Willow Lake profile image68
    Moon Willow Lakeposted 11 years ago

    First, I want to thank-you for this question and thank everyone who has already answered. I must say that the answers provided so far are very validating for me as it tends to take me hours to write hubs. It is also because of that I tend to get burned out for a while and need breaks. Then, after I write a hub, I sometimes pour over it tweaking it.

    Overall, I agree that the time does not matter as much as quality and personal satisfaction that you feel it is complete. Things just take the time that they take, and that can be different for everyone.

    In addition, there are also a lot of factors that affect how long it takes to write a hub such as typing speed ability, interruptions, research, correct placement of items, gathering links, how well you know the topic, your atmosphere, and even your mood. So, with that, relax, take your time (it's not a race after all), and enjoy!

  11. profile image0
    HERBERT ubaldoposted 11 years ago

    It depends upon you, but for suggestions for one hub it may be 1 or more hours..

  12. DonDWest profile image75
    DonDWestposted 11 years ago

    I spend way too much time writing my Hubs.


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