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Am I using keywords effectively

  1. motherinthemaking profile image58
    motherinthemakingposted 6 years ago

    Am I using keywords effectively

  2. anasshad profile image75
    anasshadposted 6 years ago

    Keywords are one of the most important aspects for the success of a hub. Just keep some simple tips and your hubs will be going far on their own. Choice of keyword is important. Choose the best keywords based on the number of monthly searches. Keep an eye on the competition as well. You can't compete with the giants.
    Once you have chosen your keyword, use it in your title as well as in your url. Repeat your main keyword in your content especially in the first and last paragraphs. Also add it in the tags.

  3. incomeguru profile image96
    incomeguruposted 6 years ago

    Before you publish make sure your main keyword appear in the content three times mostly one in the beginning, another in the middle of the content and the last one in the conclusion. Other related keyword phrases should spread throughout the content, But don't over do this. Good luck.

  4. Utkarsh raj profile image75
    Utkarsh rajposted 6 years ago

    You should really think a bit before adding the keywords, which are actually the few words that describes your hub the best. Try having some general keywords followed by some unique ones. Also its better to have the number of keywords below 20.