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What does "missing Summary" mean in my statistics page?

  1. Charles Webb-it profile image69
    Charles Webb-itposted 6 years ago

    What does "missing Summary" mean in my statistics page?

    There is a capital "A" symbol right next to it...

  2. miccimom profile image71
    miccimomposted 6 years ago

    That's funny, I just added a summary to one of my Hubs, and saw your question.  That means that you have to add a small summary of perhaps one sentence explaining in a nut shell what your Hub is briefly about.  How you do it you may ask?  Well you go to Edit your Hub.  Then on the right hand side, towards the lower bottom you will see "summary", click on that.  Then a space should appear where you can write your explaination.  Once you are done. You can click done editing, and whalla the little gray A should dissapper.
    Best wishes!

  3. Becky Katz profile image85
    Becky Katzposted 6 years ago

    They want us to write a short summary of each hub. This is what would show instead of the first several lines of the story in feeds. I have not figured out how to enter it yet. When I do , I will write some for my 10 hubs.
    Just found this and it is very helpful. http://fredaraffeal.hubpages.com/hub/Mi … what-to-do

  4. arksys profile image92
    arksysposted 6 years ago


    click this tab and add a summary in the box that appears ... once you've written something go back and check ... the A would have dissapeared.