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How frustrating is Google AdSense application for membership?

  1. punamdharkar profile image62
    punamdharkarposted 6 years ago

    How frustrating is Google AdSense application for membership?

    Google AdSense tells me I have insufficient content so my application has been rejected. What accounts for Google AdSense membership? At least I can set my expectations and stop being rejected. It's so frustrating.

  2. nicregi profile image77
    nicregiposted 6 years ago

    Google adsense is one of the best ad program in the world. Hands down. It depends on where you apply that (e.g. through hubPages or your own blog or website).

    If you are applying through hubPages and seeing your account only has 5 hubs, you seriously got to do better than that. Google doesn't approve those who write a little. Write A LOT and you will get approved.

    Applying for Adsense is different from the rest. You don't get approved within 1-2 weeks. You get approved months later. I got myself approved after 2 months through my own website though.

  3. Ruchi Urvashi profile image76
    Ruchi Urvashiposted 6 years ago

    I also got rejected one time. It was frustrating as when I joined, I wanted to see immediate results. After reading some answers from hubpages, I wrote 15 hubs before I applied again. This time I got approval. So, just follow your passion and keep on writing, fruits will come soon. All the best.

  4. marriedwithdebt profile image74
    marriedwithdebtposted 6 years ago

    I have also heard that it is more difficult to get an Adsense account if you are from India or Pakistan, due to the number of spammers that originate from that part of the world.

    I would definitely add about 10 more Hubs before applying again, or try to open a free Blogger account (owned by Google). I have heard it's easier to get Adsense approval that way. Once you have the approval from Blogger/Google, you can use the account on here too.

  5. Daisy Mariposa profile image87
    Daisy Mariposaposted 6 years ago

    Have you asked Google AdSense what they deem insufficent content to be? It might not be the number of Hubs you have published, but rather have something to do with the amount of information that your articles contain. Why don't you send an e-mail to Google and ask for a clarification of their decision?

    I submitted my AdSense application five days after I published my first Hub (which was also five days after my third Hub was published). My application was approved less than 24 hours later. I don't know whether it matters, but my Hubs contained photo and Amazon capsules in addition to the text capsules.

  6. punamdharkar profile image62
    punamdharkarposted 6 years ago

    Thank you all for all the very insightful answers. I certainly know what to do next. I will ensure that I remind myself of Google AdSense being the best ad program, nicregi.

    marriedwithdebt, thanks for the specific number of Hubs I ought to write before reapplying for the membership.

    Daisy Mariposa, I must say you definitely got something really right to be approved the first time, although many have different experiences to share.

    Ruchi Urvashi, thank you for your words of encouragement.I will keep working and ensure I don;t lose focus on the passion I have for writing Hubs.