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Understanding the "Under 75" Rule?

  1. helenathegreat profile image84
    helenathegreatposted 9 years ago

    I remember seeing this in the forums a few days ago (maybe even yesterday), and I didn't understand it, and then I couldn't find it again.  Well gosh.  Can someone help me?

    Paul said something about hubs with scores under 75 having a no-follow on their links.  This means that any tracking URLs might as well not have trackers, right?  Obviously this is so that spam pretty much doesn't work.  That's cool with me.

    But... my overall score is consistently 95-97, and I have lots of hubs that are low 70s, and therefore under 75.  Does this mean that any trackers I have in those hubs are useless (when the traffic is down and the score is low)?  That seems a little overkill, since I am still overall highly ranked.  Maybe the no-follow thing would make more sense for hubs under 70?

    Or am I completely misunderstanding all of this?  Because that's more than possible, too.

  2. relache profile image91
    relacheposted 9 years ago

    Unfortunately because you couldn't find the original statement, you are heading off into the land of misunderstanding.  What was said refers NOT to individual HubScores, it's about the AUTHOR'S HubScore.

    Once again, from Paul Deeds who posted just three days ago in  this thread on spammers:

    Since your HubScore is in the 90s, you have nothing to worry about.  If you want to understand it better, I recommend going back and reading the original thread.  That way you can see all the statements in their proper context.

  3. helenathegreat profile image84
    helenathegreatposted 9 years ago

    Okay, that's what I was looking for relache, thank you so much.  I did look for the original thread but couldn't remember at all what it was about except that one statement, and obviously I didn't remember that correctly anyway!

    Thanks again for understanding me despite the confusion. smile

  4. bloggerdollar profile image72
    bloggerdollarposted 9 years ago

    and nofollow links mean that Google bots can't see them. It's only a precaution to avoid people making advertisements of their own blogs. You got nothing to worry about there is no relvance to trackers.

  5. darkside profile image82
    darksideposted 9 years ago

    I do recall a mention of individual hubs that sink below a hubscore of 50 being hit with the nofollow treatment.

    Though I can't seem to find it with a forum search.

    1. StefanMDP profile image80
      StefanMDPposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      could this be?


      Try google with advanced search operators :

      site:hubpages.com/forum intext:(hubscore 50 nofollow)

      1. darkside profile image82
        darksideposted 9 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you!


        And it appears that it used to be a HubScore of 40...