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    sminut13posted 10 years ago

    hii i need help with adsense. when i checked my acc, it said no data available. on my affiliate settings and all, i have the id on google but it says sign up instead of edit. till yest i think, i could still see data. could anyone tell me what i did or where i went wrong??? plsss thanks lots.

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    terrygposted 10 years ago

    I will assume you have an adsense account and publisher number. No data available means you have not set up a channel. To do this go to your adsense account and open the Adsense Setup tab. Look down about three finger widths and you will see a tab marked URL channels. Click the link and you will see Add new URL channels. type in then press the add channels button.

    You have now set up your data or channel. When someone goes to a page with your ad unit on it then the data will be recorded as impressions and if you get any clicks.

    I hope this helps and is an answer to what you were trying to say.

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      sminut13posted 10 years agoin reply to this

      hi thanks for answering and yes it does answer actually. i'll do as you say. i def haven't added any channels but i think there was some date and pg impressions did show so i thought everything was going on ok. thanks for your help. appreciate it.