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Adsense rejecting me for Domain Ownership

  1. lgibbons profile image60
    lgibbonsposted 6 years ago

    Adsense rejecting me for Domain Ownership

    I am getting rejected from Google Adsense for Domain ownership.  I have used my profile page for my URL but still...rejection.  They are giving me the following message:

    Domain ownership: To complete our review of your website, we need to confirm that you have access to the HTML source code of the URL you've submitted or were given access to AdSense via a third-party platform. 

    I. If you host your own website or can edit the HTML code, please complete the following steps:

        1. Access the HTML source code of lgibbons.hubpages.com/.
        2. Create a separate page on the site and paste the s

  2. WindMaestro profile image60
    WindMaestroposted 6 years ago

    Don't bother by making a direct use of adsense through hubpages.com; because you can't. What I did was made a "blog" on blogger.com, for the sake of "monetizing" it and getting myself an adsense code. Once you get that code, you can apply it to any website you want. Its the easiest way, and blogger is free, cause it is Google.
    Hope this helped!

  3. relache profile image88
    relacheposted 6 years ago

    Did you follow HubPages' own step-by-step guide for how to apply for an AdSense account?  That's usually the best way to go.

    Also, having more than five Hubs and more than five days of site membership is recommended before applying.

  4. radhikasree profile image62
    radhikasreeposted 6 years ago

    What you've to do is paste that 'snippet' in your profile page. This is to verify that whether you've access to atleast one page of this site where you can write something of your own. Also apply through the link they've provided.