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Does making a change in an existing hub (like adding a paragraph) help SEO?

  1. ThelmaC profile image95
    ThelmaCposted 6 years ago

    Does making a change in an existing hub (like adding a paragraph) help SEO?

    I understand that Google likes new content.  Would adding a paragraph to an existing hub qualify as new content and help SEO?

  2. BizGenGirl profile image89
    BizGenGirlposted 6 years ago

    It can. Though it depends on what you are adding. If you are just making your keywords/keyphrases thicker, that might help, but only if you're not already too saturated. If you're trying to add more diverse keywords to attract a different niche, that would be a good way to create better SEO, but only if they are still directly related to what you are writing about.

  3. Grime Remix profile image60
    Grime Remixposted 6 years ago

    Hi, Thank you for this question.  Updating your hub is a good idea for your hubscore and SEO.  If you can find new information that your readers might find helpful definitely add that.  Remember for SEO your going to target just one or two keywords per article and your content should be heavily relevant to that keyword. 

    A good way to find new information is to set up Google Alerts for G-Mail.  For example if your hub is about a particular brand of digital camera then enter the brand name as an alert.  Every time something new is mention anywhere on the web you'll find out via alerts and get the link in your email.  This sends all the latest news and update to you instead of you having to search for it.  And it's 100% relevant to your keyword.

    Don't forget to get backlinks to your hub too.  On-page optimization only tells google what your hub or article is about so they know which keywords it's relevant too.  Off-page optimization if what informs Google how popular your article is.  The more backlinks you have the more popular you must be and therefore you rank higher and higher.

    Another issue with SEO is that search results are extremely personal right now.  So it's important to include social share buttons on your articles or hubs, which they are, and make sure you have a goolge profile.  Link to your hubs in your google profile.  This tells google your the author.  You should also have a google plus profile.  Update your google profile with your hubs.

    Google plus and SEO:
    Google now has the option to show results from people in your circles on Google plus.  If you take time to search and add people relevant to your articles and market, your articles and hubs have the opportunity show up when they search. 

    This is a giant opportunity to be relevant to people looking for the information you have to offer. 

    I hope this helps.  Wish you the best of luck on Hub pages.

  4. Marisa Wright profile image98
    Marisa Wrightposted 6 years ago

    Yes, it's fresh content so it would help - but don't get carried away with the idea that it will get more readers to every Hub.

    If people aren't searching for the topic of your Hub, no amount of SEO or new content will improve your traffic.   That's the first thing you need to think about