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Do you really know how to write a hub?

  1. CloudExplorer profile image78
    CloudExplorerposted 6 years ago

    Do you really know how to write a hub?

    What is the correct ways to writing a hub, what should you start off with first, and how many capsules should one use, bare minimum to get the greatest effect from a single hub published. (This doesn't apply to hubs written in the poetic category's)

    This question can be answered in the form of a hub,


  2. rickzimmerman profile image77
    rickzimmermanposted 6 years ago

    I offer these handy suggestions for improving the quality of your hubs and the quantity of your hits! Read on. read more

  3. hottv profile image59
    hottvposted 6 years ago

    I'd like to know it. Maybe you can try with the info they offer.

  4. Ironman1992 profile image61
    Ironman1992posted 6 years ago

    Hubs need to be high in quality, with at least 400 words, though I often use fewer. It helps to keep the reader's attention if there are pictures or videos, at least 2 or 3, if not more.

  5. JamaGenee profile image85
    JamaGeneeposted 6 years ago

    There's no one "correct" way to write a hub other than to get a decent score it should be at least 800 words long spread among several text capsules, include at least one image related to the topic (and if a photo, preferably taken by you).  Adding a poll capsule, a video relevant to the topic, and a map if appropriate will help the score, but none of these are absolutely necessary.  Also, the hub should have no grammar or spelling errors and should NEVER EVER be written all in caps.

    I suggest you spend an hour or two reading the Hubpages Help pages (next to "my profile" at the top right of this page) as well as answers to this question in the forums.  Good luck!

  6. pharuk temmy t profile image38
    pharuk temmy tposted 6 years ago

    Hub must be of good standard that will atttract readers and it must be well structured, poor spelling and grammar are also things to watch out for.And proper editing must be done by revising it before submitting it for publishing.