How do I include a video with my hub without violating copyright law?

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  1. profile image0
    Crystal Tatumposted 12 years ago

    How do I include a video with my hub without violating copyright law?

    I'd like to include a video with my next hub but my research on copyright law has left me confused and a bit scared to do that. Though most people seem to think YouTube is fair game, based on my interpretation of the law, that's not so. Yet I've noticed many hubs with YouTube videos included. Help, please!

  2. ArtzGirl profile image73
    ArtzGirlposted 12 years ago

    Isn't this what the SOPA bill just cleared?

    Research the SOPA bill, because I feel certain that this was the main issue that they were arguing over.

  3. Jason Marovich profile image86
    Jason Marovichposted 12 years ago

    From what I understand, the onus of filing complaints falls on the person who posted the you tube video.  You Tube makes it clear they'll have no part of getting involved with that end of the publishing. 

    However, it's You Tube's rules that allow people to file complaints, because the site's rule is that their videos aren't to be embedded on for profit sites.

  4. profile image0
    Angie497posted 12 years ago

    Copyright shouldn't be an issue if you're embedding a YouTube video. Embedding is simply linking to a video published at their site - as far as copyright goes, it's no different than if you link to sites that you mention in an article.

    If someone has a complaint regarding copyright violations with a video on YouTube, their complaint goes to YouTube, not to the people that have linked to it. If it's in violation, YouTube will remove it, and you'll have a broken link, but you wouldn't be required to take action.

  5. junkseller profile image79
    junksellerposted 12 years ago

    Copyright is tricky. you aren't alone. In general, you can not use something that doesn't belong to you without explicit permission. You may use it and get away with it, that doesn't mean it is legal, it just means that you haven't been caught.

    In general, I only use material that very clearly states how and when it can be used. Creative Commons licenses I think are the clearest and best at doing so. Some Youtube content will state a license. If it doesn't specifically state one, then, personally, I would avoid it, or ask the user for permission. Lot's of people will be happy to have their work promoted elsewhere and to actually have been asked.

    There are Fair Use exemptions that waive copyright requirements that include things like news reporting and scholarship, but they too can be tricky.

  6. imatellmuva profile image77
    imatellmuvaposted 12 years ago

    I agree with Angie497. Your question and Angie's response prompted me to look at two hubs that I have video included.

    The video in the first hub is fine, however the video in the second hub was not.

    From my hub, I clicked play on the video and received the following message:

    This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including: [Nick Pelletier], [Martin Llewellyn Williams], [Ian R. Barker].

    So, like Angie stated, YouTube will be notified of the violation, and it will result in a broken link on your hub, because the video has been removed.

    I would have soon received a broken link notice from HubPages. I like the idea of finding this on my own, and of course with you both prompting me to do so.

    So...thank you Crystal and Angie; for both question and answer!!!

  7. BlissfulWriter profile image72
    BlissfulWriterposted 12 years ago

    You are absolutely right to be concerned.   That is why I am careful when selecting which YouTube video to include in my Hubs.

    Many video on YouTube were uploaded illegally by people who are not familiar with copyright laws or who do not care.   Just because YouTube provides you will an embed code for that video and the uploader has enabled the "share" feature for that video does not mean that you should include that video in your Hub.

    For example, there are people who have recorded parts of a live concert and uploaded it on YouTube.  Most likely, this has violated copyright.  That is why many live events says "no videotaping".  But people do it illegally anyways.   So I do not include illegally uploaded videos.

    Same with television shows.   They recorded a snippet of television or movie streaming on their computer and they uploaded it.  This is again likely an copyright infringement because the show producers never gave explicit permission for the person to distribute parts of the show on YouTube.  So I never include videos such as those in my Hub.

    The exception is that if the show producer were the ones who uploaded it.  And the video is watermarked with the producer's logo so that clearly anyone watching it know that the clip is from the producer and uploaded by the producer.  And if they turned on sharing.  Then okay.

    Now let's say there is a video showing a chef cooking a recipe.  And it is apparant that the chef was the same person who uploaded the video to YouTube.  And if the video has "sharing" setting enabled.   Then it is reasonable to assume that the chef has recorded his/her cooking skills to demonstrate to the public and uploaded the video and allowed it to be share.  All being the same chef.   Therefore it is safe to include such video in Hubs. 

    I am not a lawyer.  This is just opinion.  I can be wrong.

  8. profile image0
    Crystal Tatumposted 12 years ago

    Thank you BlissfulWriter and everyone who responded. Based on your comments and my own research, I decided to play it safe rather than be sorry. I have been plagiarized before and it doesn't feel good, so I really don't want to disrespect copyright. It seems there are some murky areas, but, again, better to err on the side of caution.

  9. rajan jolly profile image92
    rajan jollyposted 12 years ago

    Reading all the answers,  I guess this issue about the video being legal or not is a very tricky . Can't hubpages issue some specific guidelines to avoid these pitfalls?

  10. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image82
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 12 years ago

    There is absolutely no issue here.  If there is, then it's just a case of the stupidity of law.

    People who create youtube videos are all glad for you to share them - they created them for that reason.  It's also generally a very good idea to have a relevant video on any hub, as if it's watched, then the viewer of the hub has surely stayed on the page a nice while, and increased your hub page's merit in the eyes of the search engines because of that.

    You have to remember that there are laws on the books against spitting on the sidewalk on's stupid, and nobody bothers to observe such laws for a reason.

  11. profile image0
    guidetowebposted 12 years ago

    You are just lilnking or embedding a youtube video to your article, it doesn't comes under voilation or copyright. 

    If there is any copyrighted or voilation issue, you are not an accountant for it, youtube will handle all these issues.

  12. Pamela N Red profile image84
    Pamela N Redposted 12 years ago

    When you share a video from YouTube you are helping the person that posted it make money. If it is a celebrity make sure it is their own official video and they approve the use of it.

    Small time YouTubers make revenue each time someone views their video even if it is uploaded to another site such as HubPages. Most are happy to let you use them and if they don't want you to borrow them they will disable the embed code feature.

    The person that originally posts the YouTube video makes money and you entertain your readers. It's a win win situation.

  13. J.S.Matthew profile image79
    J.S.Matthewposted 12 years ago

    YouTube describes this policy on their site:

    "What is Creative Commons?
    Creative Commons licenses provide a standard way for content creators to grant someone else permission to use their work. YouTube allows users to mark their videos with a Creative Commons CC BY license [attribution - reuse allowed]. These videos are then accessible to YouTube users for use in their own videos via the YouTube Video Editor. Attribution is automatic under the CC BY license, meaning that any video you create using Creative Commons content will automatically show the source videos' titles underneath the video player. You retain your copyright and other users get to reuse your work subject to the terms of the license."  (

    For more information on the CC BY license—a summary of the full Legal Code with the full license accessible at the bottom of the page—please visit this page on

    If you would like to read what HubPages says about Adding Videos to Hubs, follow these links from the HubPages Learning Center: … sh-a-Video

    The type of Creative Commons License on YouTube allows others to post videos. Many Hubbers use other people's videos or create their own YouTube Channel. I think the best option is to create your own original videos and post them directly on HubPages as a "Video Hub".

    Hope this answers your question!



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