Need help writing a URL in my hub to refer new hubbers & get credit for it.

  1. Laura Rash profile image74
    Laura Rashposted 6 years ago

    Need help writing a URL in my hub to refer new hubbers & get credit for it.

    I have a hub and in it I'd like to create a URL link to sign up new folks for HubPages - what link do I create to take them to the sign up page and still get credit for it??

  2. thearbiter0808 profile image58
    thearbiter0808posted 6 years ago

    that's easy. you can give them the url of your hub and put your referral tracker in it. Normally, your hub link looks like this, http www hubpages com /hub /YOUR HUB TITLE, but if you put your referral tracker it will look like this, http /_YOUR REFERRAL TRACKER /hub /YOUR HUB TITLE. (this is spaced because putting in links here is not allowed)

    You can find your unique referral tracker under "my account" then "earnings" then "referral trackers". There are a few hubs here explaining that, or you can go to the community page for tutorials and other ways you can use your referral tracker and increasing commission.

  3. Global-Chica profile image95
    Global-Chicaposted 6 years ago

    Hi Laura, all you'll need to do is go to the hub that you want to share, scroll down and look for the "vote up"/"vote down" tab. To the right of those two tabs is another tab that says "share" and has the facebook and twitter logos. Click on that one. You'll then see different ways of sharing the hub. Click on the link that says "Link to this page", and then another window will open up. Choose the referral tracker you want to use and fill out /edit the other spaces and then click "finished". And there you go!