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How many hubs do you think you need to see results?

  1. kayyluh profile image77
    kayyluhposted 5 years ago

    How many hubs do you think you need to see results?

    I'm still new but just wondering what you thought the estimate would be. I'm lost! I know you need good quality hubs but how many of those. Any ideas?

  2. donnaisabella profile image80
    donnaisabellaposted 5 years ago

    Kayyluh, I do not know what results you would like to see though. You joined 7 weeks ago, your score is at 87, you have about 10 friends, you have written 40 hubs (WOW!) and they have been read over 1000 times (could be anything close from there to 9999. You are very prolific and doing really well. You will see that my status says my seventy something hubs have been read just about as much as yours have been - to tell you the truth, I wrote the other twenty something in the last four weeks (a feat for me!) and I should say I am seeing results with my earnings, nothing to write home about but nevertheless a very big difference in my view. What results do you want to see? You have to be patient with yourself and the way things work out here, because most of us know that we in this for the long haul so we are willing to wait and keep on working till pay day comes, even if we do not know when that is. Others are already enjoying that pay time. Best wishes thought.

  3. kayyluh profile image77
    kayyluhposted 5 years ago

    thanks donna! I am very happy with my progress I just wanted to know how long it took everyone. Thanks for answering I understand now smile

  4. Hubpage Gal profile image61
    Hubpage Galposted 5 years ago

    From experience it took me four months after joining Hubpages to make the required $100 threshold.  After writing and publishing 1,836 hubpage articles, I earned on a steady basis $200.00 monthly.  There is no exact formula however when it comes to how many hubs you need to write to see results.  I also wrote for eHow until it merged with Demand Media and made about $80.00 a month for the production of about 150 articles.  Writing for eHow was cool because without producing for the website as I did on a regular basis for Hubpages, I still got a monthy check for the same amount every month.

  5. Dear God profile image61
    Dear Godposted 5 years ago

    I have been wondering the same thing myself.  So far most of the answers that I have seen have said about 1000 hubs.  If this is the case, I have such a long way to go.  While they add up I will enjoy the writing cummunity, and sharing thoughts with other writers.