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How do people churn out a hub a day for thirty days? Are they quality?

  1. jackavc profile image73
    jackavcposted 6 years ago

    How do people churn out a hub a day for thirty days? Are they quality?

  2. Becky Katz profile image83
    Becky Katzposted 6 years ago

    If they plan on doing the 30/30 challenge, they often prepare for it by doing the research for it beforehand. They will continue to do research after they start writing also but they do a lot before. Those are the quality hubs. I personally can put a hub a day out if I know What it is going to be about and it will be quality. I have also seen quite a few others that will do a quality hub during this time.

  3. WryLilt profile image92
    WryLiltposted 6 years ago

    I did 8 in one day. It's completely possible - I can write a quality 1,000 word hub in half an hour.

    You need a good background knowledge and fast typing speed though!

  4. WorkAtHomeMums profile image88
    WorkAtHomeMumsposted 6 years ago

    I have just set myself a 100 hub 100 day challenge for myself. Luckily I have quite a few ideas up my sleeve and knowledge on some topics so that helps, but yes I believe research is key otherwise writing a hub just for the sake of it wont get you anywhere.

  5. Hypersapien profile image37
    Hypersapienposted 6 years ago

    I did the 30-hubs-in-30-days challenge.  I had a few ideas already so I had a good start, but eventually fell behind. (It's tough to come up with something every single day.)  On the last day I had to crank out something like 5 or 6 in order to finish up on time.  It was draining, but worth it in that I saw my revenue soar (relatively speaking).  I have a couple of hubs comparing my HP earnings to what I'm getting on other sites, so feel free to check them out.

  6. agusfanani profile image77
    agusfananiposted 6 years ago

    I think it much depends on  the quality and experience of the writer. The quality and experienced writers can even be more prolific writing good hubs than average ones (like me) in relatively short time.

  7. Millionaire Tips profile image92
    Millionaire Tipsposted 5 years ago

    Some people are very adept with the computer, can type very fast, and can think of lots of things to talk about.  I actually churned out 100 hubs in 30 days.  Except for the last week when I ran behind and wasn't feeling well, I think that the quality of each of the hubs were really good. Sometimes, the practice and repetition makes you get better faster.  You get lots of experience, so you learn quicker. 

    I also spent less time agonizing on decisions that probably wouldn't matter much in the long run - such as which photo to use or which types of modules to include.

    I wasn't working outside the home, and generally spent nine or more hours a day writing hubs. Each hub took about two to three hours each, although a few were faster and a few were slower than that.