Were you motivated to continue with hub writing after your first payout?

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    CloudExplorerposted 5 years ago

    Were you motivated to continue with hub writing after your first payout?

    Please let the hubpages community know all about your motivation as a hubpages writer, especially after receiving your first payout via paypal. Maybe even write a powerful hub about your experience here on hubpages, for newbies, and visitors to get better idea of what its been worth for you as an online writer, if you got paid, or even if you haven't gotten paid yet.


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    ScottHoughposted 5 years ago

    With the kind of stuff I write, I'm well aware that I'm not going to get the hits that other more targeted hubs might get. I don't mean to take anything away from people who are producing hubs that are targeted; hits do equal readers and the goal of all writers is to be read.

    I haven't been paid a single penny from HubPages, I don't even look at my accounts. The feedback and encouragement I have received on HubPages gave me the encouragement to actually print and publish a paperback version of my first book, which was originally a hub. I've sold thirty or forty copies of the paperback, which at this point just basically covers the cost of my laser printer, paper, ink and long-armed stapler; but my writing is being read.

    There is a market gap being created by the shift to digital. There are legions of people who adore printed books and will always want to buy them. Learning this was the biggest part of my writing/HubPages experience. The world is full of good people who really do care; I want to make them laugh and feel.